Guide: Fae Yule 2013 Store Items & Achieves

Fae Yule 2013 starts Thursday 3:30PM PST/Server Time but the items on the Rift Store are already up (since they have to be added during Hotfix patch).


[Guide Outdated. Please refer to the new one here. Leaving this article here for archival purposes].


  • Fae Yule Grab Bag
  • Dark Ice Bell – Mounts/Essences/34-slot Bag
  • Fae Yule Loot Bonus – Experts/Slivers/Raids
  • Fae Yule Mounts
  • New Relic-upgradeable Level 60 Neck Accessories
  • New Level 60 Essences
  • New Fae Yule Pets
  • Key to Dimension: Icewatch Outpost and Fae Yule Dimension Kits
  • Level 58 upgradeable-to-Level 60 Santa Hat Helms
  • Fae Yule Gift of Giving Chests
  • Achievements
  • Obtaining Dark Icicles
  • Fae Yule Food
  • Others

FaeYule2013_PatronAs with a lot of World Events, Patrons have a special version of their Patron Gifts called the Daily Fae Yule Patron Gift for the period of the Fae Yule World Event. This gives everything it gave before, but includes Unique Snowflakes (world event currency) and a chance at a tradeable version of the Fae Yule Grab Bag.

Fae Yule Grab Bag


Fae Yule 2013 has a Grab Bag (lockbox) for 450 Credits (405 Patron) each.

There is both an Account Bound Fae Yule Grab Bag from the Store, as well as a Bind on Pickup Fae Yule Grab Bag that is a chance drop in the Open World and through the Daily Fae Yule Patron Bonus. [r]

You can also gain a Fae Yule Grab Bag for the one-time-per-character Phase 3 Story Quest. You can start this quest by speaking to Merga (next to Greatfather Frost in your home city) at Level 10.

They contain a random Fae Yule pet or ice-themed weapon. No mounts.

Some of the items that you can get are shown below:


Interestingly Slobberjaw, Bowie and Krinkle are Bind on Pickup whereas the other pets are Bind on Account. This could be a mistake that will be corrected later – although it can’t be ruled out that this is intentional.

Each reskinned weapon costume has its own blue-ish glow effect that isn’t represented too well in the screenshots.

Dark Ice Bell

Dark Ice Bell banner

The Dark Ice Bell item is located in Cash Shop -> World Events. As the tooltip mentions, it contains a chance at holiday mounts, dark ice essences and the 34-slot Coal-Stained Backpack.

Those items are rare chance though.
To get an idea of what you’re going to get, I opened 6 Dark Ice Bells and received:

  • Red Light of Yule companion pet
  • 2x Puppet: Tasuil companion pets
  • Puppet: Faceless Man companion pet
  • Satyr Snowman interactive item
  • Puppet: Fae Yule Spirit Singer

So it seems the Dark Ice Bell at the very least will give you Fae Yule-related companion pets and interactive items, or puppet companion pets. These companion pets are Bind on Use. The Satyr Snowman interactive item is Soulbound.


They also give Relic Lesser Essences that – for the most part – are BiS or near-BiS.

Fae Yule Loot Bonus


During the Fae Yule World Event your Dungeons, Slivers and Raid instances will drop Fae Yule Loot Bonus items. For Dungeons, this seems to appear on the final boss.

All three of the above Fae Yule Loot Bonus’ were held by the same person so you are likely able to get multiple Fae Yule Loot Bonus boxes. They are “Unique” though, so you are likely to only be able to obtain one per dungeon until you open them.

These boxes have a 12-days cooldown that you can reduce with Temporal Aligners. So if you didn’t discard all those Temporal Aligners from Mech Week – now’s the time to use them!

What items drop? Supposed to be Loot from the loot table of the dungeon/boss of your Calling.

The Raid bonus chests are a chance drop from Level 60 Raid bosses. Whoever loots the bonus chest will get an item from that boss’ loot table of their Calling. So a Mage looting Gelidra’s bonus chest would get Mage loot from Gelidra’s loot table. These also have a 12hr CD.

Note: Right now Inyr’Kta and Proteus seem to share loot tables; Warden Thrax and Eggtenders does as well, and 10-man Raids receive loot from the Bonus Chests from the loot table of the entire raid. Check the forums for more information.

Fae Yule Mounts

Fae Yule Vaiyuu Mounts


The Fae Yule Vaiyuu mounts of last year have made a return again this year, available for a variety of Unique Snowflakes and new Dark Icicle world event currency or for Credits.

Snow Ki Rin Mount


There’s a new Snow Ki Rin Mount obtainable by completing the achievement “For Whom the Jingle Bell Tolls” under World Events -> Fae Yule. You’ll need to collect 10 pets from the Fae Yule Grab Bag and Fae Yule Quartermaster.



The Nightbringer mount is obtainable from the meta achievement “The Nightmare Before Fae Yule”. You can find more information on this achieve and other new Fae Yule-related achievements in the “Achievements” section of this post.

25% Off Mount Discount Offer


From 17th December until 25th December, all mounts in the Rift Store have had their Credits price discounted by 25%. For patrons this is on top of their 10% store-wide discount.

It’s certainly a good time during this offer period to purchase a mount you’ve been seeking.

New Relic Neck Accessories


Trion has added new Level 60 Neck pieces to Cash Shop -> World Event for Fae Yule that can be upgraded to Relic Level 60 Neck pieces. The base Neck piece costs 2,300 Snowflakes and 30 Dark Icicles, or 2,100 Credits (1,890 for Patrons).

The upgrades to Relic quality requires a particular Neck piece from Intrepid: Drowned Halls (Tier 1 Level 60 10-man Raid) as well as a Radiant Infinity Cell gained from Tier 1 Raid hardmode bosses, Crucia, Regulos and as a very rare chance from certain lockboxes.

Cleric DPS/Heal
Cleric Tank
Warrior DPS
Warrior Tank
Rogue DPS
Rogue Tank

New Level 60 Essences


There’s new Level 60 Essences in Cash Shop -> World Event for 750 Unique Snowflakes and 30 Dark Icicles or 1,280 Credits (1,152 for Patrons).


The Dark Ice Bells also drop Relic Lesser Essences that are BiS or near-BiS.

Fae Yule Pets

There’s a bunch of new Fae Yule Pets for Fae Yule 2013.

Two new ones in the main store and via the Quartermaster are Oakenoel and Marv.


There’s others mentioned throughout this post in the Fae Yule Grab Bag, Dark Ice Bell and Achievements sections.

Altogether there’s approx. 22 new companion pets introduced in Fae Yule 2013 to collect!

New Dimension and Dimension Items

Dimension Key: Icewatch Outpost


The Icewatch Outpost dimension costs 750 Unique Snowflakes and 30 Dark Icicles or 1,650 Credits (1,485 for Patrons).

It is a really large dimension that grants you not only access to the twin towers, the elevators and the basement, but also the area where the Porticulum is all the way to, and including, the bridge.

Dimension Item Limit is 2,000 at Level 5.

icewatch_1 icewatch_2 icewatch_3
icewatch_4 icewatch_5 icewatch_6
icewatch_7 icewatch_8 icewatch_9

If you want to preview the dimension, just give me a holler at Marko@Laethys and I’ll invite you into the dimension!

Dimension Item Kits


Each of these kits contains an assortment of 12-18 items related to their respective names. You can find some of the individual dimension items from the Dimension Item vendors – one will be in your home city when Fae Yule begins on Thursday 3:30pm PST 12/12/13.

The other vendor can be found at the end of a Fae Yule Instant Adventure that spawns as a random rotation for any Instant Adventure. This one sells individual dimension items rather than the bundle Kits.

Santa Hat Helms


There are Santa Hats – “Festive Coifs” – for DPS/Heals and Tanks of each class at Cash Shop -> World Event for 650 Unique Snowflakes or 300 Credits (270 for Patrons).

They are Level 58, but can be upgraded with a Spirit of the Season upgrade item for 1,000 Unique Snowflakes or 400 Credits (360 for Patrons), found in the same location on the Shop.

Upgrade pieces are +40 HIT so they are meant for fresh Level 60 players. They do well as a costume piece though although you can get a no-stat wardrobe version called Fae Yule Festive Cap for 100 Unique Snowflakes or 100 Credits (90 for Patrons).


Fae Yule Gift of Giving Chests

During the Fae Yule World Event, every 3,500 Credits worth of Store Items you gift to other players will earn you a Fae Yule Gift of Giving.


This is tracked in your Loyalty screen. As such, you can’t Gift people 3,500 Credits worth of items from the Rift Store using the Platinum option that some items have available when it comes to gifting as Platinum doesn’t count towards Loyalty.

As the tooltip states, these chests contain a random selection of equipment, potions, runes, currency or novelty items with bonus chance at service items. Rare chance at Ember Nebula and Brown Riding Squirrel mounts.

The quality of these items is unknown at this point.

The first time you hit the ‘3,500 Credits worth of items gifted’ interval will also reward you with the completion of the “The Gift of Giving” achievement, which rewards you with a Yulebot 9000 companion pet.

[The Gift of Giving was only for 2013. Archonix has stated that the achievement should have been moved to Legacy.] [r]


New achievements this year. Previous year had the special “A Very Fae Yule” Whitefall Steppes warfront map achievements with a meta achieve for a “Santa Claws” Fluffy companion pet.

This year we have a few more:

For Whom The Jingle Bell Tolls


You’ll need to collect 10 companion pets that come from the Rift Store and the Fae Yule Grab Bag to obtain this Snow Ki Rin mount.

Two of the pets: Marv and Oaknoel, are directly purchasable with event currency from Cash Shop -> World Event. The rest are from the Fae Yule Grab Bag.

[For 2014, all companion pets are available for direct purchase from the RIFT Store -> World Event for either event currency or Credits]



You’ll need to collect and use all 4 Snowmen interactive items in order to get this achievement. If you already have the Snowmen collected from previous years, you can simply use them and they’ll be added to the completion of this achievement.

The Snowmancer makes it snow for 3 seconds and has a 10min CD. Josh York has stated that the duration of the effect will be increased and the CD lowered in a future update.

Snow Puppet Master


The Snow Puppet Master requires that you collect all the Fae Yule-related Puppet companion pets shown above. They come from the Dark Ice Bell item in the Rift Store. Collect them all to get an oversized-head Grandfather Frost companion pet. (Note: the previews for all Puppets show a normal sized head).

These companion pets are Bind on Use and therefore you can potentially buy puppets you don’t have for this achievement on the Auction House or through other players.

The Gift of Giving


This involves gifting a player something from the RIFT Store to obtain a Fae Yule version of the Erdos companion pet (this one with a santa hat).


You need to gift 3,500 Credits worth of items in the Cash Shop to other players within the time limit (during the world event) to gain this achievement.

It must be 3,500 Credits worth of items. You cannot use the Platinum option that some items allow you to use for Gifting as the achieve is linked to your Loyalty, which Platinum spending doesn’t give you.

[Only for 2013. It should have turned Legacy for 2014 and is no longer obtainable.] [r]

25,000 Imported Twinkle Lights


Obtain and use all the Light of Yule companion pets to get a White Light of Yule companion pet. These are obtained from the Dark Ice Bells in Cash Shop -> World Event.

Winter Homemaker


Open all Buy 3 of the Fae Yule Dimension Item Kits that are available to buy from Cash Shop -> World Event. No reward.

This achieve has been changed to simply buying 3 of the Fae Yule Dimension Item Kits. You can buy one, refund it, then buy a different one, refund it; buy a different one, refund it. Achieve complete.

The Nightmare Before Fae Yule


This is a meta achievement for completing the Snow Puppet Master, Snowmancer, 25,000 Imported Twinkle Lights and Winter Homemaker.

The Twinkle Lights and Snow Puppet Master companion pets are available via the Dark Ice Bell for 500 Unique Snowflakes or 360 Credits.

Snowmancer is available via obtaining Snowmen that are random drops from Rifts/Zone Events.

Winter Homemaker is obtained from purchasing one of each Fae Yule Dimension Kit.

The Puppet Master


This is a meta achievement that requires you to complete all the other Puppet Master achievements – including the Autumn Harvest ones. You will receive a Puppet Head Enlarger. From the tooltip it seems this allows you to force another player’s head to grow big.

Other Achievements


Stocking Stuffers
You need to loot 50 Fae Yule items from the open world. This does not include stat-gaining giftboxes, or the gift piles from Fae Yule Trees. Instead this refers to the items you get from places like Sanctum and Meridian as well as quest hubs such as Krom’s Fortress in Ashora. They are the interactive Candy Canes, Bogling Soups, Jugs of Mead and other similar items that randomly spawn at quest hubs in the world.

Fae Yule Feasting
You gain this from eating the Fae Yule food items. There’s 7 in total, although you get your first 5-pt achieve from eating 3. The other 5-pt achieve is for eating all 7. These Fae Yule food items are all available from the Rift Store -> World Events under Consumables category (bottom of the page). You also gain them from Jingling Bells and from looting Fae Yule Items. You can also get them in your Rift Loot bag.

Sled Race 2000
You need to run over 200 Snowmen in Iron Pine Peak. A teleporter is located in the giant portal amongst the Fae Yule NPCs in Sanctum and Meridian. In order to run them over you need to accept the Repeatable Quest ‘Snowmen Snowpocalypse’ from Merry near the portal and Sled launch pad in IPP (that you get to automatically from the giant portal in Sanctum/Meridian.

This effectively means you need to do the repeatable 20 times (since each quest makes you destroy 10 Snowmen and they can only be destroyed when you are on the quest.)

Naughty, Definitely Naughty
You need to burn 10 Lumps of Coal that you get at random from looting Fae Yule Gifts from Fae Yule Trees that spawn in zones (Denoted by a Snowflake icon on your main map). To burn them, you’ll need to find Greatfather Frost’s hut (located right outside Sanctum/Meridian) and click on the brazer in the middle.

Closed for the Holidays [Being Removed]
Close one of the two Fae Yule-themed Rifts “Ice Castles” or “Stalking Stuffers”. These should be Air Rifts (although one of them might be Life).

This achievement is being removed for this year in the 2.5 Hotfix #8 as the Fae Yule Rifts are not spawning on Live servers. The Rifts will be added in the future (unknown ETA). It will also be removed from the requirements of the meta achievement “Making a List, Checking it Twice”. [r]

Now Silent Night
Complete the “There Arose Such a Clatter” Fae Yule Zone Event that randomly appears in the zones.

Inappropriate Gifts
Collect all 6 Fae Yule Artifact sets. The artifacts spawn in the zone after a Fae Yule Instant Adventure has been completed in that zone. Zones where the Fae Yule Instant Adventure arc can activate are: Silverwood, Meridian, Scarwood Reach, Cape Jule, the Kingdom of Pelladane and Ashora.

Making a List, Checking it Twice
This achieve is rewarded for completing all the above listed ‘Other Achievements’. You are rewarded with a 100,000 PA XP crystal that is automatically consumed.

Note: You cannot complete the “Closed for the Holidays” achievement and this will be removed from the requirements of the meta achievement.

New Years 2014


There’s a new “Assorted Barrel of New Years Fireworks: 100 Pack in the Rift Store -> World Event section and an achieve “New Years 2014” attached to it. Reward is a title: “the Jubilant”.

Obtaining Dark Icicles

Thus far Dark Icicles that are needed to purchase certain Fae Yule items from the Rift Store are only obtained via Story Quests.

In Phase 1, there is only 1 Story Quest shown thus far, rewarding 10 Dark Icicles and 1 Dark Ice Bell (BoA) .
Chances are, the Story Quests in the other Phases will be the only other source of obtaining Dark Icicles as they are limited currency that are not meant to be farmed.

Phase 2 has only 1 Story Quest; and Phase 3 has only 1 Story Quest. The additional Story Quest from last year (that was a Mount quest) seems to have been removed from this year’s event.

Don’t forget, those Dark Ice Bells are Bind on Account. Phase 1’s Story Quest takes ~ 1-2mins to complete. You can send them all to your main for extra chances at that 34-slot bag!


In order to obtain more items – consider using alts to purchase anything that is Bind on Account, and having those items mailed to your Main character. Let your Main character concentrate on Bind on Pickup items.

  • Fae Yule Vaiyuu mounts are Bind on Account – let your alts get them.
  • Lesser Essences are Bind on Account – let your alts get them for you.
  • Neck Accessory gear are Bind on Pickup – let your main/intended char get them.
  • Grandfather’s Festive Sack (28-slot bag) is Bind on Account. Let alts get them.

Having trouble obtaining Unique Snowflakes on your lower-level alts? No problem!

  • Use Voucher: Unique Snowflake items to trade Unique Snowflakes between your alts. Obtainable via Voucher Vendor.
  • Use Token Vials/Patron Token Vials. These work on Unique Snowflakes (since the 18th December hotfix), although they do not work on Dark Icicles.

Voucher Vendor


The Planar Voucher vendors are located in Sanctum, Meridian and Tempest Bay. Use them to trade Unique Snowflakes to your alts.

Tempest Bay: (12983,11462) In-between Auctioneers and Bankers in a room to the left of the Porticulum.


Sanctum: (7467,3007) Located to the right of the Sanctum Porticulum in the ground floor room with all the other Planar vendors.


Meridian: (5951, 5279) This is located in the South-West section of the main building in Meridian, past the Craft vendors.


Fae Yule Food


Candy Apple – Turns you into a Wisp. You’ll lose the disguise if you use any abilities. Lasts 30m.

Candy Cane – Turns you into a Corgi with a red nose and antlers. You’ll lose the disguise if you use any abilities. Lasts 30m.

Mistletoe Berries – Turns you into a Vaiyuu with Antlers. You’ll lose the disguise if you use any abilities. Lasts 30m.

Yulelogon’s Sap – Turns you into a Grey Vaiyuu with Antlers. You’ll lose the disguise if you use any abilities. Lasts 30m.

Bogling Souprise – Adds +10 to Attack Power. Also increases your character’s size. Does not stack with other stat food items. Lasts 30m. Will be automatically consumed and apply no effect if you already have a stat food item buff up that is better.

Holiday Wassail – Adds +10 to Spell Power. Also increases your character’s size. Does not stack with other stat food items. Lasts 30m. Will be automatically consumed and apply no effect if you already have a stat food item buff up that is better.

Alo’s Amazing Honeyed Ham – You turn into a Boar. Able to use abilities whilst in this disguise. Lasts 2m.


Generally speaking, a lot of people tend to stock up on Bogling Souprise and Holiday Wassails as they stack with Fury of the Ascended, Growth Pots and class abilities that make your character size larger.

Increasing your character size also increases your mount size. A size increase also slows your character/mounts’ animations which can often make your mount look ‘smoother’ when you have very high/maxed out mount speed.


Shrouded Items


Shrouded items that provide you with full-body glow effects on your character are all up at Cash Shop -> World Event. Now is a good time to complete your Taste the Rainbow achievement for using all of the above items (that appeared previously in various world events). Achieve is under Achievements -> World Events.

Angry Snowman Hat


Sometimes Jack isn’t too happy. Angry Snowman Hat (head) is the start of any budding Snowman’s wardrobe. 400 Credits (360 for Patrons) at Cash Shop -> Wardrobe -> Premium.

Cosmic Helmet of the Rhinoceros


You have summoned a Cosmic Rhinoceros…and it is sad. Become one with the Cosmic Rhinoceros with this 400 Credit (360 for Patrons) headgear found at Cash Shop -> Wardrobe -> Premium.

Various other Helms


A whole bunch of other hats are out at Cash Shop -> Wardrobe -> Premium, all for 400 Credits each (360 for Patrons).

Fae Yule Formal Bundle


Fae Yule Formal Bundle is available at Cash Shop -> Wardrobe for 1,100 Credits (990 for Patrons).

Guide: Fae Yule 2013 World Event

Check out the Guide: Fae Yule 2013 World Event for a full guide on the rest of the World Event:


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14 Comments on “Guide: Fae Yule 2013 Store Items & Achieves”

  1. December 19, 2013 at 5:35 am #

    Thenx very informative!)

  2. Missgivings
    December 20, 2013 at 5:44 am #

    You RHOCK Khortish!!! Your guides have helped me tremendously since I came back to Rift. Cheers to you and Happy Fae Yule!

    • December 20, 2013 at 4:11 pm #

      Thanks Missgivings 😀 Glad they’ve been helpful. Happy Fae Yule to you too!

  3. December 28, 2013 at 4:23 pm #

    Great and helpful guide! I am curious though, I really like the shoulders used by the models for the new helms, where does it come from? thanks! Joyous Fae Yule!

    • December 28, 2013 at 5:08 pm #

      Thanks Brad! The shoulders come from the Silverwood Defender’s Bundle under Rift Store -> Wardrobe. I’m unsure if the shoulder model is obtainable outside the Rift Store as I’ve never seen anyone wear it prior to the Bundle being released.

      However, it does look ‘slightly inspired’ by the Sandcovered Muffler.

      The Sandcovered Muffler you can get as a random rare drop from Shimmersand mobs.

      Warning though: I tried Dye previewing when previewing the Silverwood Defender’s Bundle. The dyes work for all other outfit previews but for some reason it didn’t change anything on the Silverwood Defender’s Bundle. Either it’s a Dye Preview bug, or the Silverwood Defender’s Bundle can’t be dyed. So just be careful if you purchase it.

      I’m sure if it can’t be dyed – it’s just an oversight and should be corrected with some feedback.

  4. Gorgie
    December 29, 2013 at 1:39 pm #

    Great guide Khortish, can you or anyone else confirm something for me though? I am stuck on the Snowman achieve and am missing the Bogling version. Do they only drop from the dark bells or is it a flat out but low chance from anything?

    • December 29, 2013 at 2:13 pm #

      It’s a low chance from Rift creatures/Rifts/Zone Events as well as Dark Ice Bells and Jingling Bells. They don’t only drop from Dark Ice Bells – all 4 snowmen were available in last year’s event, which didn’t have Dark Ice Bells.

    • Gorgie
      December 30, 2013 at 4:17 pm #

      Ahh thanks Khortish, recently picked up Rift again after a 2 year gap so this was all new to me 🙂

  5. Guillemette
    December 17, 2014 at 2:58 am #

    I don’t find dark ice bell on shop this year, has anyone informations about it ?

    • December 17, 2014 at 3:26 pm #

      Yea they aren’t on the shop, just in the weekly quest and stuff like the Golden Devourer reward. Last year we also had the Fae Yule Grab Bag – but the major items inside that bag are now on the RIFT Store for single purchase (like the companion pets to unlock the Snow Ki Rin mount).


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