News: Fae Yule Returns Community Post

Trion has posted information about Fae Yule in their Rift Community section of their website.

Besides what has already been mentioned in their recent 2.5 Hotfix #6 notes with stuff such as the six new artifact sets obtainable during the Fae Yule Instant Adventures, they also touched upon something not properly explained in those notes:

Extra Loot chest from Raid Bosses

Gifts From Raids…
During Fae Yule, raid bosses have a chance to drop an extra chest. Whoever opens it will receive loot (from the raid boss’s regular table) tailored specifically to their Calling!
Originally Posted by RIFTGAME on 11th DECEMBER 2013

Now that’s something to get excited about! Depending on the % chance that a raid boss will provide an extra chest, this could really help out raid guilds who might have classes that have had horrible luck with the loot tables of certain bosses.

Some players are already posting their loot gains from these Fae Yule Raid chests:
Rift Forums: Chance Extra Chest from each Raid Boss
Already some pretty nice loot, although there’s some concerns that the loot gained may sometimes be from other bosses in the raid encounter.

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