Guide: Fae Yule World Event 2013!


The annual Fae Yule World Event festivities have arrived on Telara and Grandfather Frost is asking for your help to bring joy and cheer to Telarans the world over!

[Guide Outdated. Please refer to the new one here. Leaving this article here for archival purposes].


  • Sanctum, Meridian and Tempest Bay have added a layer of snow and festival decorations to welcome Grandfather Frost and his band of helpers.
  • New and old Quests rewarding Unique Snowflakes and Dark Icicles (event currency).
  • New Store Items and Achievements
  • The Fae Yule-themed alternate Whitefall Steppes warfront makes a return!

Table of Contents:

  1. Where to Begin?
  2. The Quests
  3. Fae Yule Instant Adventures
  4. Fae Yule Bonuses
  5. Open World: Farming Unique Snowflakes
  6. Fae Yule Items
  7. Achievements
  8. A Very Fae Yule Whitefall
  9. Other/Tips

Fae Yule World Event 2013

The Fae Yule World Event has 3 phases:

  • Phase 1: Remembering the Yulemother (12/12/13 – 12/18/13)
  • Phase 2: Reclaiming Fae Yule (12/19/13 – 12/25/13)
  • Phase 3: Fae Yule Celebration (12/26/13 – 1/7/14)

Each phase has new activities.

1. Where to Begin?

Tempest Bay


First off, those in Tempest Bay can head to Plaza Aurentine and click on the snowmen in front of the Fae Yule portals behind the Porticulum.

Make sure to click the correct snowman! If you are Guardian, click on Sanctum Snowsatyr. If you are Defiant, click on Meridian Snowbogling.


You will be ported near the Fae Yule quest hub in Sanctum/Meridian.



Quest hub for Sanctum can be found right outside the main building next to the Statues of the Messengers of the Vigil.



The quest hub for Meridian can be found right outside the main fort in the mid-section between Meridian’s inner walls and outer walls.

2. The Quests

Note: Token Vials work on Unique Snowflakes but do not work on Dark Icicles. This is intended.

TIP: Too many people on top of a questgiver and you can’t target the NPC?

Option 1: Use ‘Hide Other Players’ Hotkey

By Default this is Unbound. Hit “ESC” key -> Keybindings and then scroll down to UI Toggles sub-category. Click on “Not Bound” next to “Hide Other Players” and input a key you wish to use. (I Personally use F12).


Hold the “Hide Other Players” hotkey you have set to hide other players. When you release this hotkey, you’ll be able to see all other players again.

Option 2: /Interact

The other option is to type /tar nameofnpc
Replace ‘nameofnpc’ with the NPC’s name. This will target the NPC.
Type /interact whilst you have the NPC targeted and you are close to the NPC.

This will allow you to interact with the NPC using only your keyboard, without your mouse.

Phase 1: Remembering the Yulemother

A Lost Traveler (Story)

Questgiver: Grandfather Frost
Objective: You are tasked with Lighting the way for a Lost Traveler in Sanctum/Meridian.
Reward: Dark Ice Bell + 10 Dark Icicles.
(Dark Ice Bells have a chance of dropping Puppet and Lights companion pets as well as Fae Yule interactive items and a rare chance at a 34-slot bag.)


Check your map/mini-map to see a quest marker when you pick this quest up.

Once at the location, use your quest item by clicking on it either in your quest window, or your quest tracker. If someone is also doing the quest when you arrive, you will complete the quest when they do (so sometimes you don’t have to do anything!).

Return to Greatfather Frost for your reward.

A Frosty Free-For-All (Daily)

Questgiver: Grandfather Frost
Objective: Hit 8 combatants with a snowball.
Reward: 25 Unique Snowflakes and a Jingling Bell.
(Jingling Bells drop a handful of Unique Snowflakes as well as a chance at a Fae Yule Food item.)


For this Daily quest, you need to find the ring of Snowmen in Sanctum/Meridian. It will be indicated on your map.

Shortly after going inside the ring, you will receive a reactive called “Snowball”. Target another player and use Snowball on them to increase your quest objective.

Note: Players are immune for 7-8 seconds after they have turned into a snowball, so if your reactive is inactive – you’ll have to wait till their debuff drops.

Unfortunately you won’t be able to see the debuff on anyone other than those you have personally turned into a snowball unless you have unticked “Show only my debuffs on the target”  and “Show only my Buffs on target and party members” in Settings -> Interface -> Combat.

If you have the settings above unticked, you can right-click on the debuff that appears on yourself when someone hits you with a snowball to quickly remove the debuff, thus allowing others to quickly complete their objectives.

What happens when you are the only one in the circle? No problem – every few seconds, an NPC will run from a random side of the circle to the other side whom you can use your snowball on.

Once completed, you can accept your reward via the Reward Bag (i.e. you don’t turn your quest in to an NPC):


Light The Way (Daily)

Questgiver: Grandfather Frost
Objective: You are tasked with Lighting the way for 3 Lost Travelers in Silverwood/Meridian.
Reward: 25 Unique Snowflakes and a Jingling Bell.

This quest is similar to “A Lost Traveler (Story)” quest except you have to go to Silverwood (Guardian) or Freemarch (Defiant). You’ll notice large patches of black smoke in the zone in the areas indicated on the map. In the middle of those patches will be a Lost Traveler.


Use the Quest Item by clicking on it and placing it near the Lost Travelers to complete this quest.


Reward will appear in your Reward bag.

Gifts of the Yulemother (Daily)

Questgiver: Merga
Objective: Throw Gifts quest item onto NPCs/Players with a cloud over their head
Reward: 25 Unique Snowflakes and a Jingling Bell.


You’ll find ‘Humbug’ NPCs walking around in Sanctum and Meridian. Target them and use the Yulemother’s Gift quest item on them (appears in your quest tracker and quest window) to turn them into ‘Revelers’. They will usually disappear shortly after turning Reveler.

You can denote the ‘Humbug’ NPCs both by their name and the cloud over their heads. Players will randomly also have this cloud over their heads and you can use the quest item on them as well.

If you are going to do this every day, you can make a target macro to speed things up. Hit ESC -> Macros. Find an empty Macro slot, choose an icon, name it then type the below in the ‘Commands’ box:

tar Humbug

Click Save. Throw the macro onto a hotkey and spam away to find the closest Humbug. (I wouldn’t recommend adding a ‘use @target Yulemother’s Gift’ to the macro as you need to have the quest item in your inventory – not your quest item bar in your quest log – too much of a bother).

If you happen to get a cloud over your own head, you can target yourself (click your portrait) and use the Yulemother’s Gift on yourself as well!

Reward will appear in your Reward bag.

Cheer Up! (Daily)

Questgiver: Thadmore
Objective: Collect Stolen Holiday Cheer from rift creatures.
Reward: 25 Unique Snowflakes and a Jingling Bell.

This quest involves killing rift creatures (Invasions, Rifts, Strongholds, Zone Events). It appears as part of a rotation (i.e. might not be available every day). Loot them when you have this quest up to obtain Stolen Holiday Cheers.

Reward will appear in your Reward bag.

Holiday Thievery! (Daily)

Questgiver: Thadmore
Objective: Collect Stolen Gifts from 5 Air Rifts
Reward: 25 Unique Snowflakes and a Jingling Bell.

This quest involves closing Air Rifts. This appears as a rotation (i.e. might not be available every day). When you close the Air Rift, the Stolen Gift will appear in your Rift Loot Bag.

Reward will appear in your Reward bag.

Stormproofing the Wardstones (Daily)

Questgiver: Velana
Objective: Use Nexus Infusion ability to upgrade a wardstone
Reward: 25 Unique Snowflakes and a Jingling Bell.


Simply go to any Wardstone/Sourcewell you can find and press on the Nexus Infusion Ability. It doesn’t matter if the wardstone is already fully buffed to max level, and it doesn’t matter what level the wardstone is. This will complete the quest.


Quest reward will appear in your Reward bag.

Sledding & Snowmen (One-time)

Questgiver: Donner
Objective: Enter the large portal and speak to the Sledding Enthusiast
Reward: 1,680XP


This is a simple quest to lead-up to the main Sledding quests. You can’t miss it!

This will port you to Iron Pine Peak where the Sledding quests are.

If you need to get to the Sledding quests manually, they are located slightly south-west of Whitefall in Iron Pine Peak.


Sled Slalom (Repeatable)

Questgiver: Merry (Iron Pine Peak)
Objective: Grab a sled at the top of the hill. Then go through all Gates (flags).
Reward: 5 Unique Snowflakes

You can get to the top of the hill via standing in the blue jumppad. This will port you to the top of the hill where the sleds are.


As indicated; grab a sled.


Now slide through the middle of each set of flags/gates. Below is what a flag/gate looks like – just go in-between them to progress the quest.


Run over snowmen on the way down to complete the other quest, “Snowmen Snowpocalypse (Daily)” below.

Speak to Merry to receive your reward. This is a Repeatable quest, but if you’re farming Unique Snowflakes – it is better to close Rifts/destroy Invasions than it is to repeat this quest.

Snowmen Snowpocalypse (Repeatable)

Questgiver: Merry (Iron Pine Peak)
Objective: Grab a sled at the top of the hill. Run down 10 Snowmen!
Reward: 5 Unique Snowflakes

As indicated; grab a sled using the instructions in “Sled Slalom (Daily)” quest above.

Next, run down 10 Snowmen that are in the area. You can complete this alongside “Sled Slalom (Daily)” quest at the same time by making sure to slide in-between the flags/gates.

Note: You can slide uphill as well as downhill.

Speak to Merry to receive your reward. This is a Repeatable quest, but if you’re farming Unique Snowflakes – it is better to close Rifts/destroy Invasions than it is to repeat this quest.

Phase 2: Reclaiming Fae Yule



Atrophinius makes an appearance in Phase 2 of Fae Yule with a new Story Quest that rewards a Dark Ice Bell and 10x Dark Icicles as well as a Daily Quest once you complete the Story Quest.

Surly Sober Satyr (One Time)

Questgiver: Atrophinius
Objective: Collect a Bowl of Fae Wassail.
Reward: Dark Ice Bell + 10 Dark Icicles

Speak to Atrophinius at any Fae Yule quest hub to get this quest. Simply pick up a Bowl of Fae Wassail that spawns from the various tables in Sanctum/Meridian and turn it back in to Atrophinius to get your reward.


Wassail for Atrophinius (Daily)

Questgiver: Atrophinius
Objective: Collect 5 Bowls of Fae Wassail.
Reward: 25 Unique Snowflakes + Jingling Bell

After you complete the Story Quest “Surly Sober Satyr”, you will be able to do the daily from Atrophinius. Same thing as the Story Quest, only collect 5 bowls of Wassail.

Deck the Halls (Daily)

Questgiver: Merga
Objective: Place 5 Fae Yule Wreaths on the walls at the Lodge of the Planes/Spirit of Rha’Zade
Reward: 25 Unique Snowflakes + Jingling Bell

This quest is a daily on a random rotation. You have to go to the Lodge of the Planes (Guardian) or Spirit of Rha’Zade (Defiant).
Click the above links for maps.

Lodge of the Planes (Guardian) Entrance:


Spirit of Rha’Zade (Defiant) Entrance:


Once inside, click on the Quest item ability in your quest-tracker or Quest window (default key “L“) and then click on an empty space on the inside walls of the building.


What are the Ice Flowers for?


You may have noticed during Phase 2 that these white-ish/blue Ice Flowers (called Icebuds) have spawned in Sanctum and Meridian. You collected 10 of these in last year’s Fae Yule in order to complete a quest that gave you the choice of one of the three Fae Yule Mounts.

However, since the Fae Yule Mounts were added to the Cash Shop – like Autumn Harvest – this quest seems to have been disabled. As such – at the time of writing this – the Icebuds hold no purpose anymore.

Phase 3: Fae Yule  Celebration

Gift for a Bogling (Story)

Questgiver: Merga, <Grandfather Frost’s Assistant>
Objective: Deliver gift to Rellop in Sanctum/Meridian
Reward: 1 Dark Ice Bell + 10 Dark Icicles + 1 Fae Yule Grab Bag

WARNING: Apparently some people aren’t getting the Fae Yule Grab Bag as a reward on some of their toons, whilst some of their other toons ARE getting it. Either this is a random reward, or a bug. It might be safer to hold off on completing this Story Quest (if you can afford the time to do it within this week’s reset) and hope for a fix or explanation. Just be 100% sure to complete it regardless at some point or you’ll miss out on those 10 Dark Icicles.

Rellop is located at the top-most floor of Sanctum (for Guardians) at approx. (7525,3054). Click here for a map.


Rellop is located at the top floor of Meridian’s Orphiel’s Spire (for Defiants) at approx. (6233,5076). Note, do NOT take the Lift/Teleporter. Rollop is located just above the teleporter accessed via the ramps. Click here for a map.


Yuletide Exchange (Daily)

Questgiver: Rellop
Objective: Collect Undelivered Gift from pile near Rellop; Enter Wreath Portal; Give Gift to NPC; Enter Wreath Portal; Turn-in to Rellop.
Reward: 25 Unique Snowflakes + Jingling Bell

After you complete the Phase 3 Story Quest to deliver a gift to Rellop, you can pick up a daily from Rellop.

There should be a large Wreath portal near Rellop. Once you pick up your gift, jump through the portal and it will randomly teleport you to a location in Telara where there will be an NPC you can interact (has a speech bubble) to give the gift to.

You should then be able to go through a Wreath Portal very close by to return to Rellop and collect your reward.

Note: Sometimes the Wreath Portal may take a moment before it appears. Be careful when you are teleported to a boat because you may not be able to jump back up onto the boat if you were to jump off it into the water. Just wait a moment and a Wreath Portal should appear at the back of the boat.

That’s The Fae Spirit (Daily)

Questgiver: Greatfather Forst
Objective: Use a Bowl of Fae Wassail; /Kiss in three locations.
Reward: 25 Unique Snowflakes + Jingling Bell

This daily involves using a Bowl of Fae Wassail dotted around Sanctum/Meridian which will turn you into a Faerie or Satyr. Then you type /kiss whilst in the locations indicated on the mini-map (you don’t need to target anyone).


Note: When you use a Bowl of Fae Wassail you’ll be turned into a Faerie or Satyr and will be unable to mount up. You can actually right-click the buff you get on your buff bar and this will remove the disguise. You can then proceed to mount up and go to the three locations and type /kiss without dismounting or targeting anyone.

Sanctum Mini-Map Indicators.
Meridian Mini-Map Indicators.

They are all indicated on your map and will have a Mistletoe decoration on top of each location.


Quest reward will appear in your Reward bag.

3. Fae Yule Instant Adventures

A special Fae Yule Instant Adventure (“IA”) ‘arc’ (rotation) can sometimes appear whilst you are doing Instant Adventures in Silverwood, Freemarch, Scarwood Reach, Cape Jule, Pelladane and Ashora. They revolve around the Fae Yule Village.

Fae Yule Village

One of its quests is denoted by the following:


Your task is to help build up the village, and then defend it from invaders before defeating a boss. Once you do so, NPCs will appear that will sell you Fae Yule-related items.

Fae Yule Instant Adventure Village NPCs

The Dimension vendor is of particular note as he sells individual Fae Yule dimension items, unlike the other vendors or the Rift Store which only sell the Icewatch Outpost Dimension Key or various bundled, rng Fae Yule Dimension Item Kits.

How to Join

You’ll need to be between a minimum and maximum level to join an Instant Adventure in a certain zone.

The Zones and levels required are:

  • Silverwood/Meridian – Min: Level 10; Max: Level 14.
  • Scarwood Reach – Min: 30; Max: 35.
  • Cape Jule – Min: 50; Max: 54.
  • Pelladane – Min: 50; Max: 54.
  • Ashora – Min: 59; Max: 60.


  1. When you are standing still and not in combat, right-click your Level under your character portrait.
  2. Click “Set Ascended Mentor level” and choose the level you want that corresponds to which zone’s IA you want to join.
  3. Wait for the cast to end, and you’re now that level!
  4. To change your level, do the same thing. To go back to your original level, select “Clear Ascended Mentor level”.


To join an Instant Adventure, open your Instant Adventure window (default key “.“). It can also be found in your menu bar under the “Start” icon.


You’ll find both a “Random Adventure” join button that will randomly assign you a zone from Level 10 up to your current/mentored level. Or you can choose a specific zone. The window will only show specific zones that are in your level range.

I.e., at Level 51, you can only specifically join Cape Jule and Pelladane that have a Level Range of Level 50-54.

Mentor down to the level range of the zone you want to join and away you go! If you don’t care what zone you get placed in, just choose Random Adventure.

Special Note: Rudy’s Roundup Quest

It seems there can be some confusion with this particular quest in the Fae Yule Instant Adventure arc. What you need to do is use the Candy Cane reactive to turn into a Corgi, then use the “Call of the Corgi” (the Corgi-icon reactive) on a Corgi for it to start following you.

Afterwards, run to the Fae Yule Village towards Ama Ree NPC (in the middle of the village) to add towards that IA’s objective.



After the Fae Yule Instant Adventure arc is over, you will get 90min where some new Fae Yule artifacts will spawn in the zone that the Fae Yule IA was completed in. There’s 6 new Fae Yule artifact sets to collect along with an achievement for collecting them all!

To find out if the artifacts are up in the zone you are in – check the Fae Yule Village of that zone. For Silverwood, it is very close to Sanctum bridge. If Tink the Corgi (the one to the left of the main hut) is still there, it means the Fae Yule Artifacts are still up.


Note that any remaining artifacts will despawn after 90min. If a new Fae Yule Instant Adventure arc has begun whilst Tink is still active, Tink will not reset. Once the arc has been completed, Tink’s timer will reset to 90min.


These Artifacts don’t appear as normal/twisted artifacts but instead as small Giftboxes that show up where artifacts normally spawn! They are trackable with Artifact Tracking Vials and named ‘Fae Yule Artifact’ when you hover over the ‘node’ on the mini-map.

Note: Since they appear where other artifacts spawn, you may sometimes have an Artifact on top of a Fae Yule Artifact. As such, you may wish to double-check the ‘Artifacts’ that you see on your mini-map with your Artifact Tracking Vials as the mouse-over tooltip might be covering a Fae Yule Artifact.

That said, the Fae Yule Artifacts are large enough that they won’t be hidden behind normal Artifacts on-screen.

4. Fae Yule Bonuses

During the Fae Yule World Event, you will get a chance at certain bonuses in Level 60 Expert Dungeons, Slivers (10-mans) and Raids (20-mans).

Expert Dungeon Bonus Loot


The last boss of each Level 60 Expert Dungeon will have an extra reward that you can roll on called “Fae Yule Loot Bonus”. These have a 12-day Cooldown before you can open them which can be reduced with Temporal Aligners either bought from the Cash Shop (under ‘Chests & Keys’), or gained during Mech Week from quests and Expert bonus loot.

The Fae Yule Loot Bonus from Dungeons drop loot from the Boss/Dungeon’s Loot Table.

Note: These are Unique, which means you can’t have more than one of them. However, this only applies to a Loot Bonus from the same dungeon. You can have multiple Loot Bonuses at any one time as long as they are from different dungeons. (i.e., the above 3 Loot Bonuses were all from a single person).

Sliver/Raid Bonus Chests

Every time you kill a Raid Boss, there is a chance that an extra chest will be made available. Whoever loots this chest will receive an item from that boss’ loot table that is of their Calling.

I.e. If you kill Gelidra and she happens to drop an extra bonus chest, if a Mage loots this chest, he’ll get Mage loot from Gelidra’s loot table.

This Bonus Chest is also under a 12-day CD that can be reduced with Temporal Aligners (bought from Cash Shop -> Chests & Keys).

Note: Currently players are reporting that Inyr’Kta and Proteus loot tables are either being shared or mixed up when it comes to these Bonus Chests. Warden Thrax and Eggtenders also share loot tables. Also, the 10-mans’ bonus chests use the entire raid’s loot table. Check the forums for more information.

5. Open World

Open World rift creature-based mobs, invasions, rifts and zone events will give you Unique Snowflakes as well as a chance at Fae Yule Food items and Snowmen interactive items.



In Sanctum and Meridian you can occasionally find interactive Gifts, Soups and Candy Canes. These can turn you temporarily into Vaiyuu and other Fae Yule-related creatures as well as provide you with a handful of Unique Snowflakes and some Fae Yule Food Items.

Zone Events

There Arose Such A Clatter

yulelogonThis zone event appears at random in a random zone.

Phase 1
Starts off with destroying some Storm Pillars. Make sure to not be in melee range unless you have heals as the pillars do a melee-based AoE pulse attack.

Phase 2
After destroying the pillars, Air Rifts, Footholds (Idols) and Invasion Bosses will appear on the map.

Once those are destroyed, Yulelogon (Zone Event Boss) will appear!

The Zone Event boss has anti-Melee AoE, several attacks at random players as well as an ability that turns random players into woodland critters and wisps.

Fae Yule Trees


Fae Yule Trees spawn in all pre-SL zones with a zone announcement “Fae Yule Pilgrims have spread the spirit of the season by erecting Fae Yule Trees across *zone*!”

They are shown on the main map by a snowflake icon.

Clicking on the Giftpiles that spawn around the tree will gain you Unique Snowflakes. Each time you pick up a gift, the Tree’s hp drops. When it reaches 0, the tree will despawn. You also get a chance at a Lump of Coal.

You can usually claim 20-25 gift piles before the Tree dies. That results in ~20-25 Unique Snowflakes per tree. 2-3 more if they drop Lumps of Coal.

Bug: If you are picking up a Giftpile and the Fae Yule Tree despawns mid-way, you’ll encounter a bug where you are unable to use any abilities. Just log out and back in and it should work again. (it’s the same bug you get in Hailol Footholds when you are using a gathering node and the foothold despawns midway).

Lumps of Coal


Lump of Coals are gained as a chance drop from completing/destroying Fae Yule Trees through the collection of the Gifts underneath the Fae Yule Trees scattered across the zones. There is a Naughty, Definitely Naughty achievement to burn 10 lumps of coal.

Take these Lumps of Coal to a Grandfather Frost’s Hut located outside Sanctum and Meridian. When you have Lumps of Coal in your inventory, Grandfather Frost’s Hearth will be interact-able. Interact with it to gain 2-5 Unique Snowflakes and several Fae Yule Food items.


Given how low the Unique Snowflake currency gain is from the Lumps of Coal, it would be best to store them up and turning them in all at once.

Rift Creatures

You will gain Unique Snowflakes from Rift Creatures in Invasions, Rifts and Zone Events. Hunting these down can be one of the most efficient ways of earning Unique Snowflakes outside of daily quests and Fae Yule Trees.

Just make sure to be level-appropriate for the mobs you kill or else you will receive much less rewards. Mentor down to a level in which the mobs’ Level in their portraits are not Gray-colored to you.

Doing Zone Events can be especially rewarding because you usually get tons of Invasions spawning and charging into 3-4 locations on the map and tons of Rifts will spawn.


Doing the easy-to-do Fae Yule Daily Quests on your Level 10+ alts (or all of them) can be a quick way to amass Unique Snowflakes. Just doing 4 of the dailies each day will get you 100+ Unique Snowflakes per day, per alt. You can use Unique Snowflake Vouchers to send them all to your main.

Have one char of each class? That’s at least 400 Unique Snowflakes per day for minimal effort, more with Token vials.

6. Fae Yule Items

There’s a ton of new Fae Yule items as well as old making an appearance in this year’s Fae Yule World Event. You can access the majority of items you can obtain from Cash Shop -> World Event.


  • Fae Yule Grab Bag
  • Dark Ice Bell – Mounts/Essences/34-slot Bag
  • Fae Yule Loot Bonus – Experts/Slivers/Raids
  • Fae Yule Mounts
  • New Relic-upgradeable BiS Level 60 Neck Accessories
  • New Level 60 Essences
  • New Fae Yule Pets
  • Key to Dimension: Icewatch Outpost and Fae Yule Dimension Kits
  • Level 58 upgradeable-to-Level 60 Santa Hat Helms
  • Others

For a huge list with details/screenshots of the items you can obtain, check out the Guide: Fae Yule Store Items & Achievements


7. Achievements

There’s a wide variety of Achievements available in this year’s Fae Yule World Event.

Summary of Achievements with Rewards:

  • For Whom The Jingle Bell Tolls. Reward: Snow Ki Rin Mount.
  • Snowmancer. Reward: Call of the Snowmancer interactive item.
  • Snow Puppet Master. Reward: Puppet: Grandfather Frost companion pet.
  • The Gift of Giving. Reward: Yulebot 9000 companion pet.
  • 25,000 Imported Twinkle Lights. Reward: White Light of Yule companion pet.
  • The Nightmare Before Fae Yule. Reward: Nightbringer Mount.
  • The Puppet Master. Reward: Puppet Head Enlarger interactive item.
  • A Bloody Fae Yule. Reward: Santa Claws companion pet.

There are a lot of other achievements without rewards for this event as well.

Check out the Achievements section of the Guide: Fae Yule Store Items & Achievements for full information on all the Fae Yule achieves and how to complete them.


8. A Very Fae Yule Whitefall


A temporary Fae Yule-themed Whitefall Steppes is up and running with Bonus Rewards (bonus favor/prestige earned during the warfront) for the entirely of the Fae Yule World Event. Access this Warfront via the PvP Window (default key “K“) under the Warfronts tab.

Winning or losing this Warfront gives you some Unique Snowflakes. 25 for winning, 10 for losing. You may also receive a Jingle Bell that contains a handful of Unique Snowflakes and a chance at a Fae Yule Food item. These will appear in your Rift Loot bag.

This particular warfront introduces some changes to the usual Whitefall Steppes.

Santa Claws


A random player in the warfront will gain a buff where he turns into Santa Claws (a werewolf with a Santa hat).

That player does 10% increased damage whilst he has the buff on him. However, if you kill that player, you will become Santa Claws and receive this damage buff.

This means that often the other side will be focusing on the Santa Claws, especially those who want the damage buff. Be sure to protect your Santa Claws if he/she is on your side, especially since they cannot mount.

Fae Yule Cake

Like Santa Claws buff, this is a debuff that gets placed on a random player. That player can’t mount, is snared (slowed) and cannot pick up gifts (stones). You can however use a reactive you receive to give this Cake to another player.

Giftboxes (Stones)

Stones have been replaced by Giftboxes, and the turn-in area has been replaced with a Christmas Tree.

The Stones only spawn under the Christmas Tree in the center of the map, unlike in regular Whitefalle Steppes where it can spawn on either side of the center.

Also, the Christmas Tree where you turn in your Giftboxes (stones) has a much thinner base, so it is easier for you to defend (since there is minimal cover for thieves).

Buff Orb

The Buff Orb in your base has been visually changed into Snowmen. Just run over them like usual to receive your buff/hp regen.


The rest of the changes are pure decoration. You’ll find candy canes, streamers, vaiyuu and other Fae Yule-themed decorations throughout the map. They don’t do anything.



There’s several achieves for this special Whitefall Steppes (“WS”) map which are pretty self-explanatory:

Victory: The Gift That Keeps on Giving
Win 5 “A Very Fae Yule Whitefall” matches.

You Shouldn’t Have…No, Really, You Shouldn’t Have!
Receive the Fae Yule Cake debuff during a WS match. This is mainly luck – the person who gets chosen randomly at the start to get this Cake will either not notice it at all, or pass it on to others. Whether it gets passed on to you is luck (or you can whisper the person who has it and hope they comply).

He Knows When You’ve Been Naughty!
As per the objective, Kill the person with the Santa Claws buff (the gray werewolf with a Santa Hat).

A Wintery Winning Wonderland
Win a Very Fae Yule Whitefall match.

You Are On My List
Kill 5 players when you have the Santa Claws buff.

A Bloody Fae Yule
Meta achievement for completing all 5 of the above achievements. You gain the Santa Claws companion pet.


9. Other/Tips

  • You can get the Fae Yule Puppets and the Fae Yule Lights companion pets from other players as they are Bind on Use; so check the Auction House if you are missing some of them for those meta achievements.
  • Do Story Quests from each Phase on your Alts to gain more Dark Ice Bells (they are BoA), as well as Dark Icicles. Although they aren’t tradeable/transferrable between chars, you can use your Alts to buy items that are Bind on Account (like mounts, essences, 28-slot bag) that cost Dark Icicles and use your main for the Bind on Pickup items.
  • You can trade Unique Snowflakes between your characters on your account through Vouchers from the Voucher vendors in each city.
  • Token Vials work with Unique Snowflakes (not with Dark Icicles).
  • There are Tradeable versions of Fae Yule Grab Bags that drop by chance in the open world and from Daily Fae Yule Patron Bonuses.

Hope this guide helps you traverse safely through this year’s Fae Yule World Event! Happy Yule Tidings to you all!

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8 Comments on “Guide: Fae Yule World Event 2013!”

  1. Selim of Faeblight
    December 16, 2013 at 5:55 pm #

    This is an astonishingly good guide, thank you! It’s hard to find good up-to-date material.

  2. December 19, 2013 at 7:40 am #

    It should be noted that Patron’s Token now works on Snowflakes at least. This was changed with the update, though not mentioned.

    • December 19, 2013 at 1:49 pm #

      Thanks for the reminder Derek for both the Snowflakes and the extra achievements. I updated them on the “Guide: Fae Yule 2013 Store Items & Achieves” but forgot to update the sections on the main guide itself! >_<

  3. December 19, 2013 at 7:41 am #

    More Achievements were also added with the update, though not mentioned. The only reason I knew of them was because I kept up to date on the forums, and got some after the update released them.


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