News: Fae Yule Phase 3 extended by one week!

Tacitus has confirmed that Fae Yule Phase 3 will be extended by an entire week, with the World Event now ending on January 9th. This is in response to a bug in the first week of Fae Yule where Unique Snowflakes were not benefiting from token bonuses/boosts.

Fae Yule Extended
ALSO – because patron bonuses on Unique Snowflakes were not working this last week and also to give a full allotment of time to those wishing to pursue the new Fae Yule event achievements coming in this week’s patch, the duration of phase 3 has been extended a week – so the in-game Fae Yule activities will now continue until January 9th.

Happy Fae Yule to all!
Originally Posted by TACITUS on 16th DECEMBER 2013

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