News: Build a Better Preset Winners Announced

The vote-based winners for the “Build a Better Preset” contest that was held between Nov 22nd and Dec 3rd have been announced!

(The dev-chosen winners have not been announced yet.)

Congratulations to all winners!

Prizes for the winners:

  • Their preset builds will be added in-game and their character’s name and shard will be credited in the description.
  • All winners gain a Hellbug or Ki Rin Mount of their choice.
  • 30-Day Patron Pass.
  • Winners receive Prefix Title: “Soulmaster”.
  • All participants receive the Suffix Title: “the Soul Architect”.

Want to know who won and view some great, up-to-date presets for your character?

Check out CM Morgana’s post with the vote breakdown as well as links to each winners’ level-by-level point breakdown and guides.

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