News: Reminder Fae Yule ends 9th Jan 2014

Reminder: The events/quests relating to Fae Yule ends 9th Jan 2014, although the Store items and droppable chests will stay up until 15th Jan 2014.

A few things you can do between now and the end of Fae Yule:

  • Finish off Fae Yule Achievements under Achievements -> World Event -> Fae Yule.
  • Purchase Rift Store items you’re interested in.
  • Converge all Unique Snowflakes onto a single char.
  • Collect all Fae Yule IA Artifacts.
  • Buy Dark Ice Bells and hope for the 34-slot bag or the Dark-Ice-Bell-only Lesser Essences.
  • Finish Story Quest for Phase 3. Even if you don’t have enough Dark Icicles this year for an item, you can always save up for next year (assuming they still use Dark Icicles).

Check out the Fae Yule World Event + Fae Yule Rift Store & Achieves Guides to check if you’ve missed anything.

Nightbringer Mount



The Nightbringer Mount is rewarded for a meta-achieve for completing:

  • Snow Puppet: Master
  • Snowmancer
  • 25,000 Imported Twinkle Lights
  • Winter Homemaker

These are all pretty easy to obtain.

Winter Homemaker

I’m going to start off with Winter Homemaker achievement because that’s the easiest to obtain. Just have 995 Unique Snowflakes.

  1. Buy Fae Yule Kit: Gift Boxes; then Refund it by selling back to NPC/Rift Store.
  2. Buy Fae Yule Kit: Decorations; then Refund it by selling back to NPC/Rift Store.
  3. Buy Fae Yule Kit: Lights; then Refund it by selling back to NPC/Rift Store.

Now you’ve completed the achievement and you effectively spent 0 Unique Snowflakes (nothing!) for it!

Snow Puppet: Master

This Achieve involves collecting and using (you have to collect and use them, not only have them in your inventory) all the Fae Yule Puppets.

  • Puppet: Tasuil
  • Puppet: Faceless Man
  • Puppet: Fae Yule Spirit Singer
  • Puppet: Dacia
  • Puppet: Fae Yule Caroller

These are currently going for ~7-20 plat each on the AH. The Dark Ice Bell also has a chance of dropping these companion pets. You also get a Puppet: Greatfather Frost companion pet as a reward!



This involves collecting and using all 4 Snowmen.

  • Snowman
  • Satyr Snowman
  • Holiday Snowman
  • Bogling Snowman

These drop from Dark Ice Bells, Jingling Bells and your Rift Loot Bag when doing invasions/zone events/footholds/rifts/etc. They can also be found on the AH for as low as 80 silver for the more common ones to around 2-20 plat for the rarer snowmen.

You also get a “Call of the Snowmancer” fluff interactive item that makes the area you are in snow for a few seconds.

25,000 Imported Twinkle Lights

This achievement involves collecting and using (have to collect and use, can’t just be in inventory) some Twinkle Lights companion pets:

  • Blue Light of Yule
  • Red Light of Yule
  • Green Light of Yule
  • Yellow Light of Yule

You also receive “White Light of Yule” companion pet as a reward.

This is obtainable from Dark Ice Bells and they are very easy to obtain. If you are missing any, they’re going for 5-7 plat each on the AH.


So in the end for very little plat and 995 Unique Snowflakes (that you get to keep), you’ll have yourself:

  • Puppet: Greatfather Frost companion pet;
  • Call of the Snowmancer interactive item;
  • White Light of Yule companion pet; and of course
  • Nightbringer mount!

Unique Snowflakes Vouchers


Before Fae Yule ends, if you’re needing extra Unique Snowflakes on one of your characters, consider sending your alts’ Unique Snowflakes to that char.

Better yet, throw all Unique Snowflakes on your main char just in case you decide to delete some of those Level 10 alts in the future for whatever reason and end up ‘wasting’ some Unique Snowflakes that were on that char.

These “Voucher: Unique Snowflake” comes in 1 and 25 point currencies. They stack to 10 and don’t have any additional costs other than the Unique Snowflakes so you don’t lose anything in the conversion.

They are Bound to Account so you can send them to your alts on your shard via Mail.




Sanctum’s Voucher merchant, Quartermaster Ootalme, is located on the bottom floor of the Sanctum main building. The merchant is located at the back wall where all the other Planar vendors are located. (7461, 3006)



Meridian’s Voucher merchant, Senan Ladum, is located just past the craft trainers in a room with all the planar goods merchants. That’s the left-most building entrance. (5954, 5279).

Tempest Bay


Tempest Bay’s Voucher merchant is located on the bottom floor to the left of the Porticulum. She’s at the back to the left of all the Bankers/Guild Bankers. This is one of the rooms where Bankers/Guild Bankers and several Auctioneers are lined up in Tempest Bay (i.e. the area with those NPCs other than the Craft Station). (12972, 11461).

Don’t forget to check out the Fae Yule World Event + Fae Yule Rift Store & Achieves Guides to check if you’ve missed anything.

Look forward to Patch 2.6 hitting the PTS some time this month, and hitting Live some time in February. As always, Riftgrate will have the latest news, screens and details for your perusal!

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