PTS News: Warrior Changes – Mainly Tank-based

Vladd (the Rogue and Warrior Class Dev and Senior Game Designer) has updated the Warrior community with a 5th post with ideas for warrior changes – this time focusing on the warrior’s tank souls.


  • Making the tank souls about playstyle rather than about which soul mitigates ‘x’-type damage better.
  • PvP – make tank souls (of all callings) more desirable to play in PvP.
  • Address cooldown parity with other callings and from soul to soul.
  • Address HP and equipment scaling issues.
  • Void Knight Pacts – Leaning towards removal of mitigation + healing received from pacts. Would need to be re-purposed.
  • Reaver – Possible toggle to reduce survivability but boost damage done via DoTs; able to turn the soul into a ranged DPS soul.

Vladd: Upcoming Warrior Changes – Tanks.

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