News: Fae Yule Rifts up – experience them before Fae Yule ends!


With the latest patch, the Fae Yule Rifts: “Ice Castle” and “Stalking Stuffers” are up on Live. Open Air Rifts to get a chance at opening one of these!

Note: Fae Yule ends on the 9th January (usually at 3:30PM PST).

The Fae Yule achievement “Closed For The Holidays” that requires you to close these two rifts have been removed. They’ve also been removed from the “Making a List, Checking it Twice” meta achieve.

The reasoning for the removal of the achievements in the same patch that the Fae Yule Rifts are added is because there’s not enough time for most people to complete the achievement (and thus the meta achieve) for 2013’s Fae Yule. The Fae Yule Rifts were originally bugged, which is why they had not appeared prior. [r]

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