PTS News: 2.6 Datamining by TehFrank

TehFrank has been at it again with the latest 510MB update on 17th January 2014 to the PTS.

Check out his thread here!

Viewing some of the .dds and .nif files he downloaded produced some interesting tidbits:

  • Knowledge of Water, Amphibious and Land-based Mounts.
  • A possible new Amphibious/Water Mount Skin.
  • Water-based Skin.
  • Prestigious Portrait.
  • Possibly able to add 3 factions into PvP Dimensions.
  • Possible Crusader skill.
  • New Names.

As always, everything is speculation until official confirmations (through news, in-game updates/etc) and some datamined assets may never make it into the game.

Mount Classifications

The datamined files contain information about Water, Amphibious and Land-based Mounts.

Amphibious Mount@TooltipRolloverItem
Land Mount@TooltipRolloverItem
Water Mount@TooltipRolloverItem

This is backed up by the “Land Mount” tooltip that is now available on the PTS for the current mounts.


New Mount

possibleamphibiousmountThis was one of the .dds files contained in TehFrank’s datamined zip file.

This clearly looks like either a Water or Amphibious Mount. There’s scales, gills and fins. The main body looks like it’s a drake of some sort.

I’ve tried doing a really rough ‘mix-n-match’ to get an idea of what it looks like. Obviously the various parts are at different angles so it’s hard to produce an accurate replica of the mount.

waterdraketestimageYes, it’s probably not going to look anything like this.

Water-Based Skin

uglywaterthingThere’s this. It looks like it’s just a doodad as part of a Water Rift. Perhaps an old model, or maybe a new model for a new Water Rift. I don’t think it’s an actual creature.

Prestigious Portrait


The Prestigious Portrait – one of the rewards for completing Black Tier Loyalty. That’s what the portrait looks like (minus the drop-down menu stuff). Looks oriental-ish, especially the colors. (Here’s hoping for Shi-Ming in the future!)

PvP Dimension Faction Assets


There seems to be a few blocks for what looks like starting locations, respawn points and kill trackers for 3 factions: Dominion, Nightfall and Oathsworn. Now, these might just be Conquest’s assets, but the “housing/blocks” section of where these are located seem to point to Dimensions.

In that case, this could be the dimension items that will allow dimensioneers to choose whether they want their PvP Dimension battles to be 2-way or 3-way.

Possible Crusader Skill


There’s a file called “mesh_crusader_discerning_wave” with what looks like the art asset for 360 degree wave abilities (like Warden’s Wave of Renewal or Cabalist’s Unleash Oblivion).

The interesting point is that the file-name includes “Crusader”, which is the name of the 3.0 Cleric Support Soul. Is “Discerning Wave” a support/damage ability for the soul?

New Names

TehFrank also found a few new porticulum location and other such names on top of the ones found in a previous datamine.

Instance – Citadel of Insanity

Ghar Station Rosh sounds very similar to Ghar Station Mem datamined from the last update. Seems to support the idea of various transport stations (like train stations).

TehFrank suggests that ‘drh’ stands for Draumheim (Dream Home/Dream City) zone/area, just as ‘gr’ in the previous datamined porticulum names seems to suggest Goboro Reef – one of the 3.0 zones.

Thanks to TehFrank for datamining these files in the latest update!

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