News: Pet AoE Immunity Changes

Dev Cyzo has been making changes to allow pets to have more immunity to AoE abilities.

He has recently made the following adjustments:

Pet AoE Immunity

Just put this change in:
• Many AoEs no longer affect pets:
o Viktus: Gathering Radiance
o Mordan: Expunge Darkness
o Progenitor Saetos: Bounding Malevolence, Entropic Abyss, Zone of Defilement, and Soul Rupture
o Matriarch of Pestilence: Aura of Corruption
o Goloch: Baleful Smash
o Kaliban: Crushing Silence
o Kyzan: Phase Rip and Delayed Annihilation
o Ix’ior: Sandstorm
Originally Posted by CYZO on 20th JANUARY 2014

He’s only looked at raid abilities thus far, but if there’s any missing (including dungeon AoE abilities that still affect pets), post them over on the thread for him to look at.

Hopefully this allows for more pet-based souls to be viable on more fights.

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