PTS News: Bounties Wall Mounts + Cape

Live Content Dev Kerilar has made two interesting posts on his twitter in relation to the new Bounties concept.


  • Bounties – Wall Mounts for dimensions.
  • Bounty Cape (with color variants!)


You can follow Dev Kerilar’s twitter here.

For those who can’t view the twitter embeds:

Bounty Cape

Bounty Cape“The Hunter Cape” is an initial concept image (no color yet!) that Dev Kerilar has posted in relation to the Bounties system. Like the Rare Mobs system, this is likely to be something you’ll obtain for completing all bounties.

Here’s some color variants – which one will be chosen as the final version of the cape?

Rift Bounty Cape Color Variants

Wall Mounts

Bounty Wall MountsThese look interesting – wall mounts for dimensions. The question then is whether the bounties are like Carnages rather than Rare-mob type hunting (since the creatures on these wall mounts don’t look all that unique, especially that deer).

Or perhaps these are just initial wall mounts and there will be more spectacular-looking creature heads to collect!

There’s currently no changes to Bounties since the last update, so there’s not much information out there other than speculation. Chances are there will be an update in a week’s time or so – and hopefully that will introduce more additions to the Bounties system on PTS.

Check out more information on the Bounty System additions on PTS:

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