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Dev Kerilar has made an informative post about Bounties and how they work:


  • Each NPC that gives you experience has chance to drop an Artifact related to that creature. i.e. “Bounty: Air Elemental”.
  • Handing in a complete Bounty Artifact Set furthers your achieves for Bounty Hunting.
  • Each new Rank grants you a Title, unique items (such as Animal Calls, Mounted Trophies, Unique Cloak) and access to a special vendor that sells interesting pots.

Kerilar Quote.

You can check out some of the Wall Mounts and Cloak here:

PTS News: Bounties Wall Mounts + Cape

  • The artifacts are also tradeable, salvageable (with Dream Weaving) and you can continue to collect them even if you already have one in your possession.
  • Almost every mob species in the game will have Bounty Artifacts.
  • It doesn’t matter what the model is, it is race/species-based. So a dragon will have a chance at dragon pieces.
  • The Pots that the special vendor sells won’t be disguise potions – and won’t be credits-only.
  • No ‘board’ to check progress in town, but you can check progress in Achievement window.

Also this interesting quote by Kerilar:

Hmm, I don’t recall saying PVP was left out.

Check out more information on the Bounty System at:

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