PTS News: Further PTS Update

A further 260MB update has popped onto the PTS. There’s not much new information that is currently dug up. Likely bug fixes, back-end stuff, or stuff for the new souls and/or the rumored Tier 3 raids that only a select few testers have access to.

I’ll update this post with any new information that pops up in regards to the latest update.


  • Presets are Up
  • TehFrank Datamining
    • A ‘ep1_assets/map/warfront_10/’ with Dendrome assets attached.
    • Re-download of some mini-maps.
    • Random ‘Infernal 5-man’ Items.
    • Re-download of Mech Week Items.
  • Others:
    • VFX added to Planar Squirrel Mounts previews.
    • Physician and Liberator Synergy Crystals up.
    • New Terrain Paint + Large Lights.

Presets are Up


Although this was added in the previous update; just adding as a reminder – the new presets are up, and boy are there a lot.

The Cleric Presets shown above total 16 different presets, all far better than the old, heavily out-dated presets.

You can press default key “N” to pull up the Soul Tree window and press on the “Presets” button at the botton of the window to access these presets.


Most of them have a “Guide” button attached which will open up your internet browser and direct you to the associated guide for the Preset.

The new Presets for all classes are likely to be added to Live for Patch 2.6.

TehFrank Datamining

TehFrank has datamined an ‘ep1_assets/map/warfront_10/’ data that seems to have had Dendrome assets added to it. This could just be Karthan Ridge, but it may also be a possible new Warfront map.

Don’t keep your hopes up as this could just be a slight assets tweak to an existing warfront – but it would be nice if Trion added a new Warfront map for PvPers (it’s been more than a year since Karthan Ridge was added).

Redownloads of Moonshade Highlands and Steppes of Infinity mini-maps.

Chances are these are just to clean up the Minimaps, like the clean-up in the December update to other mini-maps.

Additional “Infernal 5-man” Items added.

These are likely just bug fixes or asset additions to the Bloodfire Stronghold instance, which makes use of the Infernal Dawn instance.

Re-downloading of Mech Week Items.

Probably indicating another Mech Week might hit Live at some point.


VFX added to Planar Squirrel Mounts

The VFX for the preview of the Planar Squirrel Mounts have been added. Only the Death, Life and Fire Planar Squirrel Mounts have their skins updated, the rest still make use of the Brown Squirrel Mounts.

Physician & Liberator Synergy Crystals


Physician (Rogue) and Liberator (Warrior) Synergy Crystals are up on the Master Mode version of Dummy Foundry on the PTS.

Looks like the Liberator uses a shield and blocking as part of its healing. Which seems odd. So is it a tank/heals hybrid? Or perhaps the ‘Block’ is talking about the tank that you perhaps link?

New Terrain Paint


Trion have added new Underwater, Water and Life Terrain Paints to the Dream Weaving VFX Test Packs, as well as Large-sized Lights.

The Water Terrain Paint has VFX effects. Works well with the Water-based VFX dimension items. However, it is Terrain Paint – so you can’t swim in it.

As of this post, the Underwater and Water Terrain Paints have not been added to the the Dream Weaving Trainer, and are not available in the Rift Store or on characters who have 375 Dream Weaving. They are however available in the Test Packs available from Avestia Forta <Dimension Goods> next to Reva Song (the Dream Weaving trainer). [location].

Check out more information on Patch 2.6 below:

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