PTS News: Tier 3 Raiding Confirmed – Come Test!

Dev Cyzo has confirmed that there is in fact Tier 3 raid/s coming in for Storm Legion.

Two of the encounters are:

  • Binding of Greenscale
  • Binding of Akylios

The zone entrances will be open on PTS, but Cyzo would like guided tests (where the devs tag along). If you and your guild is interested, PM Cyzo here, or leave your contact info in the thread.

Note: If you are going to PM Cyzo, make sure you already have a raid of 20 people who are ready to go. If you don’t have a raid of 20, post in the thread instead to see if you can join anyone else’s raid.

Testing begins Wednesday, 29th January 2014.

Given Simon’s previous remark in the 10th January Livestream about a “Bindings of Blood” content, it seems possible that you could face off against all the Blood Storm for the Tier 3 Raid/s. That would be quite interesting. (hopefully they have new mechanics though).

The fact so few guilds have completed Planebreaker Bastion would lead me to believe that there will be at least one good round of nerfs for Tier 2 raids coming soon. The Dream Orbs coming in 2.6 will probably be a large indirect nerf to all content – Trion will probably want to push people through Tier 2 raids prior to Tier 3 hitting.

Again, check out the thread here to apply for guided testing. Loyalty, Credits and Titles will be granted to testers that help out the most and repeat testers will get access to the 3.0 souls on the PTS:

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