PTS News: More info on Tier 3 Raids + Testing Benefits

More info by Dev Cyzo on Tier 3 Raids:

  • Encounters are new fights but draw from the old ones.
  • Release: In a few months’ time.
  • Encounters need testing as they haven’t been tuned at all.

Get your 3.0 Souls!

Dev Cyzo also mentioned that any guilds that help test out the new raids a few times will all be given the new 3.0 souls to test out on the PTS as Class Devs Kervik and Vladd are looking for more testers for the 3.0 souls.

Sign-up for guided testing by PMing Cyzo, or replying with contact details in the Tier 3 Testing thread. If you are going to PM Cyzo, make sure you already have a raid of 20 people who are ready to go. If you don’t have a raid of 20, post in the thread instead to see if you can join anyone else’s raid.

Reminder that the most active testers will also receive loyalty, credits and a title.

Check out more information on Tier 3 Raids below:

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