Livestream Summary: 24th January 2014

Livestream Summary 24th January 2014 Feature Image

Trion had their Friday Livestream Extravaganza for 24th January 2014 with Community members Greg “OverloadUT” as well as Senior UI Artist Amber “Gingers” Alexander. Daglar also popped in near the end of the Rift livestream.

Amber went over some UI-based additions coming to 2.6 as well as some of the features not mentioned in previous livestreams.

Click here for a replay of the 24th January Friday Livestream Extravaganza video on


  • Combat Pet Skins.
  • New Porticulum UI map.
  • Mount Inspection added.
  • Dimension UI Additions.
  • Soul Presets.
  • Others:
    • Map Tracking Icon.
    • More Portraits possible.
    • Black Tier Loyalty Treasure Map.

Below is a summary of all the important things relating to the livestream. As always, everything can be subject to change prior to the content hitting Live.

Black/Normal Text = Livestream Summary.
[Dark Blue Text] = My own comments. i.e. May not be indicative of actual content.

Combat Pet Skins


The biggest reveal for the livestream was the addition of combat pet skins. You can find them under Rift Store -> Pets -> Combat Pet Skins.

  • Currently the 900 Credits is placeholder, and it is unknown what the final price on any of the skins will be.
  • Giftable.
  • Account-wide.
  • They get applied immediately – doesn’t go to inventory.
  • There’s currently at least one skin per combat pet in the game.

How to change Combat Pet Skins


You can change your combat pet’s skin through opening your Character Window (default key “c“) -> Pet. The Skins will appear at the bottom. Simply select whichever skin you wish to be your active skin.

The Skins

Below are the skins shown during the livestream – there’s obviously quite a few more.

Cleric Combat Pets Skins


These were the only ones available on the Rift Store on the Dev Client used during the livestream. Chances are that in the future there will be more options.

Currently the new Cleric Combat Pet Skins are rather large, although their size is unlikely to remain this way:

Rift - Large Combat Pet Skins

Mage Combat Pet Skins

Rift Mage Combat Pet Skins 1

Rift Mage Combat Pet Skins 3

Some of the Mage’s Elementalist soul’s combat pet skins. Every mage pet seems to have 2 new skins added thus far.

Rift Mage Combat Pet Skin 2

Some of the Mage’s Necromancer soul’s combat pet skins.

Rogue Combat Pet Skins

Rift Rogue Combat Pet Skins

Greg showed off two of the Rogue’s Ranger soul’s Raptor skins. There’s also skins for the Razorbeast.

Warrior Combat Pet Skins

Rift Warrior Combat Pet Skin

A few of the skins for Warriors.

Future Additions

Besides the Cleric skins which use different models, the rest seem to be color changes.

Will more skins come out in the future? Likely. Each Combat Pet seems to have 6 skin slots so you would expect a few more.

[It is quite possible that the other classes’ combat pets will also have different model skins – perhaps even allowing players to choose to use the old models for each of the skins (i.e. old Fairy model, old Raptor model/etc).]

In the mean-time, Amber did state Trion is ‘experimenting on some stuff’ in relation to the pet skins. So more possible skins abound!

New Porticulum UI Map

Rift New Porticulum Map UI

As noted in the 510MB update on the PTS earlier on in January 2014, there is a new Porticulum UI map introduced to replace the text-based options for switching between Mathosia and the Storm Legion continents (Brevane and Dusken).

Mount Inspection


Right-click on a player’s portrait and then choose Inspect and you can normally view both their gear and their wardrobe pieces (unless they or you are pvp-flagged and from the opposite faction). Now you can view what their mount is (if they are on a mount).

The Mount inspection option will show you both a preview of the mount as well as the mount icon. Hovering over the icon will show the mount’s tooltips.

Dimension UI Additions

A few dimension UI changes are ready for 2.6.



A new “Search” tab is available when opening up the Dimensions window (default key “[“). This will allow you to search for dimensions that aren’t viewable in the Public tabs.

The PUBLIC (Weekly) and PUBLIC (All time) tabs only showed the top few dimensions on your shard. The new “Search” tab will be able to search through the entire list on your shard.

It is unknown whether you can search cross-shard.

Dimension Item Sorting

Rift Dimensions Categories and Sorting

Added during the December PTS update, the Dimension Items window available in the Dimensions toolbar now has Sorting filters and Category viewing.

The amount of Category items to choose from is dependent on what is already in your dimension.

Selection Highlighting


On top of the categorization improvements, you can now click on a dimension item in the dimension and it will be highlighted in the Dimensions Item window. This solves the issue of having multiples of the same item but not knowing which one you have selected.

The reverse is also true. You can click on a dimension item in the Dimensions Item window and that item will be highlighted in the dimension itself.

Soul Presets

Rift Cleric Presets 2.6

As mentioned in a recent PTS update post, new Soul Presets for all classes will be available in Patch 2.6. The above image shows the new Cleric presets. All updated thanks to the community.


Each one that is created by the community (not all of them are) have also got a Guide button attached which links to the contributor’s guide on the preset.

This should be a major improvement on the existing presets and will make it much easier for players to get their heads around new specs that they may wish to try out.


Other information mentioned during the livestream:

  • Map Tracking Icon.
  • More Portraits possible.
  • Black Tier Loyalty Treasure Map.

Map Tracking Icon

With 2.6, the current trackers (white diamond icons) on your mini-map will become color-coded to better differentiate each type of node from the other.


  • Fishing = Dark Blue
  • Plants = Green

This should help out a lot – currently if you want to make sure you’re only seeing particular types of nodes, you would have to remove tracking on several trackers and then re-add them all again if you wanted to track them again.

More Portraits Possible

Rift Prestigious Portrait Comparison

Here’s a side-by-side comparison between the Prestigious Portrait shown during the livestream on a player as well as the one datamined by TehFrank.

As you can see, it seems they’ve adjusted the inner ring, removing the ‘magic/rune’ text.

Also, Amber mentioned they’re looking to possibly add more portraits in the future that won’t be attached to Loyalty.

Black Tier Loyalty Treasure Map

Rift Treasure Map Boost

Amber confirmed that the Black Tier Loyalty Treasure Map Boost reward does not stack with the Orange Tier Loyalty Treasure Map.

I.e., the bonus is 15%, not 25%.

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