PTS News: Unstable Artifact Set Reward Preview

Avid dimensioneer Kiwi has created a dimension over on the Public Test Shard with all the Unstable Artifact Set rewards relating to dimensions (except the dream desk) for your perusal.

kiwi RDD Unstable display

Check it out over on the Public Test Shard. Search for:

  • “RDD: Dream Weaving Items 101” or dimension owner “Kiwidreamweaver”.
  • Kiwi also has a ton of other RDD dimensions up on the PTS for viewing.

You can also view a video of the new dimension items over at RDD:

If you are an avid dimensioneer or just love viewing the amazing creations that other players have come up with, check out Kiwi’s site all about dimensions at Rift Dream Dimensions.

Of particular note for the new dimensions is the ‘Racing Halfwits’ item that produces a mini-race for a bunch of rabbits.

Racing Halfwits

Rift Dimension Racing HalfwitsThe ‘Racing Halfwits’ dimension item is an interactive item that comes from the Unstable: Shady Dealer Wares artifact set.

Like the Hailol Jig Ball, this item does more than your typical dimension item. It spawns an entire mini-race track for four rabbits:

  • Alisha, Jesse, Naomi and Gabriel.

Clicking on the cannon begins the race.

Rift Dimension Racing Halfwits 2

Once they reach the end, a zone event ‘trumpet’ announcement is made with a dimension-wide announcement in blue text of who has won, along with some nice fireworks to boot.

Rift Dimension Racing Halfwits 3


What is most exciting about this particular dimension item is that (along with the Hailol Jig Ball), it shows what kind of interactive items Trion can add for dimensions.

Our own Races

For instance, if Trion could ‘cut out’ the goal posts for this Racing Halfwits item – could it be possible for dimensioneers to create their own races for other players; allowing whoever reaches the final goal posts to be given a “[%playername%] Won!”-type dimension-wide announcement?

The interactivity of dimensions would be greatly expanded with such an addition. It doesn’t even have to be a plain race – jumping puzzles could use the same goal posts, even certain scavenger hunts. “[%playername%] has found Item B!”.

Carnival Games

Another immediate thought would be the Carnival Games in the Carnival of the Ascended Annual World Events.

  • Would the addition of a Roulette be possible?
    • Other chance-based interactive items that could be used to activate other items when the condition is ‘true’?
  • Would the Horse-Racing jumping mini-game be possible to add into a dimension?
    • If so – how about just the jump pads being able to be used to activate other interactive items that are ‘linked’ to the jump pads?That in itself could lead to:
      • Step-Pad-activated sliding doors.
      • Step-Pad-activated trapdoors; cave-rock openings; sliding walls (for maze-like room changes).

The possibilities are endless. And with each new type of interactive item added for dimensions, it can create whole new interactions between dimensioneers, their dimensions and the player base as a whole.


The Unstable: Shady Dealer Wares set requires the following Unstable Artifacts:

  • A Moist Scalp
  • A Beating Heart
  • A Long Length of Intestine
  • A Broken Spleen
  • A Left Lung
  • A Pair of Kidneys
  • A Fresh Eye
  • Half a Tongue
  • A Big Toe
  • Your Liver

These will be available when Patch 2.6 hits alongside the Unstable Zone Events.

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