Tip: Pay attention to Auction House Tax

The Auction House takes a cut of 5% from any successful sale.

As such, when buying or selling items – pay attention to that 5% cut that the AH takes. Sometimes both the seller and buyer can benefit if you go for a trade instead.

Example: REX.

On a lot of NA shards, REX goes for about 1,000 platinum on the AH. Once you take the 5% tax cut, the seller ends up with only 950 platinum from a successful sale.

If you instead offer to sell at, say, 975 platinum on your shard’s Level 60 chat channel, you end up with a 25 platinum profit. The buyer ends up with a 25 platinum discount. Win/Win for both parties.

Example: Charred Flamesource Greater Essence

Another example. Charred Flamesource on the AH for 8,000 platinum. The seller will only end up with 7,600 Platinum under a successful deal. Offer them 7,800 and you’ve saved 200 platinum, and they’ve gained an extra 200 platinum.

Save and Profit!

This applies to other items as well – so consider either contacting the sellers who have listed on the AH and providing them with a better deal for both you and them. Or hitting up Level 60 chat for a deal for both parties.

Reminding sellers about the 5% AH tax will probably help you buy items for cheaper (whilst still giving the seller a better deal).

Check out the Money category on RiftGrate for more plat-making/saving tips:

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