PTS News: 2.6 Playtest Friday 31st Jan 3pm ST

There’s a Patch 2.6 Playtest this Friday, 31st January at 3pm Server Time. Click here for a time converter.

They’ll be testing:

  • Air Saga Quests
  • Zone Events
  • Bloodfire Strongholds
  • and more!

This will likely mean that throughout the test the various phases of the Air Saga World Event will be activated (as the Air Saga quests are released over the course of the event; Phase 2 brings in the Bloodfire Strongholds and Bloodfire Behemoth zone event; Phase 3 brings in the two other zone events; and Phase 4 concludes the Air Saga questchain.)

During and after the playtest, please provide feedback and bug reports in this thread.
Look forward to seeing you there (unless you’re partying hard for CNY)!

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