PTS News: 29th Jan TehFrank Datamining

With every update, TehFrank has datamined data for us to peruse.

The 29th January 2012 PTS Update added a ton of stuff.


  • Bindings of Laethys assets.
  • Gyel Fortress Model.
  • Possible Mount.
  • Warfront 11.
  • 3 Faction Icons.
  • Doctor Bag.
  • Promo Event Icons.

As always, anything datamined may be subject to change, and may never make it to Live.

Bindings of Laethys Assets


Interesting – That’s a 3rd Dragon encounter for Tier 3 Raids that looks likely. Perhaps the speculation of all 6 dragons being part of Tier 3 raid could end up being true! (Check out more information on the current two Bindings of Akylios and Bindings of Greenscale encounters here).

Gyel Fortress Model


More Gyel Fortress models. A Column and a Furnace Floor – nothing too amazing, but the ‘sea_floor_tile’ seems to confirm information that this Gyel Fortress dungeon is part of the Plane of Water 3.0 content.

Possible Mount


Is this perhaps another Tartagon mount? There’s a clear saddle – so it’s likely a mount. The texture seems to indicate something similar to a Turtle’s shell. I’m going for potential new Tartagon mount.

The bottom-left skins look similar to Shiny Tartagon’s feet.

Warfront 11.

So there was a Warfront 10 datamined in the previous update with Dendrome assets – possible new Warfront.

Now this?

Warfront 11

Two .dds files for a Warfront 11 terrain with Stillmoor-based art assets were added to the PTS client in the latest patch. Could these possibly be two new Warfronts? Or are we just confusing these with existing assets from existing Warfronts?

3 Faction Icons

We had these added onto the PTS client in the previous update:


Now this patch, we get these icons:


This HAS to be related to PvP Dimensions. Otherwise, why make icons? Conquest doesn’t need the icons – the positions are already there. So the icons must be for useable items or skills. In this case, most likely dimension item icons.

Doctor Bag


A Doctor’s Bag dimension item. Could be possibly linked to the ‘Doctors Without Borders’ promotional material that was datamined during the December update. That datamine included a Bogling Nurse, syringes/etc.

Promo Event Icons


Promotional Event art assets. The Credits icon looks very similar to the normal Rewards icon (the one where we can stack 10/10 Expert/Carnage/etc reward turn-ins). Perhaps it’s a secondary Rewards icon UI that is Rift Store-related or that only appears for Promotional Events.

Could also be for a completely new UI for Rift Store Promo Events; instead of using up the World Events tracker (like Fashion Week and Mech Week did last year).

Hoping to reveal more about Patch 2.6! Thanks to TehFrank for datamining these files!

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