Livestream Summary: 31st January 2014

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Trion had their 31st January 2014 Friday Livestream Extravaganza with Community members Greg “OverloadUT” and Elizabeth “Dahanese” as well a guest appearance by Game Director Bill “Daglar” Fisher at the end of the Rift portion of the livestream. They went over some of the features coming to Patch 2.6.

Click here for a replay of the 31st January Friday Livestream Extravaganza video on


  • 2.6 Release Teaser
  • New Craft Profession: Dreamweaver.
  • Bounties System.
  • Budgie Mounts.
  • Warrior Reaver Soul becoming DPS soul.
  • Others:
    • Love Bug and Mariel-Taun Day.
    • Tier 3 Raid schedule.

Below is a summary of all the important things relating to the livestream. As always, everything can be subject to change prior to the content hitting Live.

Black/Normal Text = Livestream Summary.
[Dark Blue Text] = My own comments. i.e. May not be indicative of actual content.

2.6 Release Teaser

Greg and Dahanese teased the possible release date for Patch 2.6.

  • They will tell us the Patch 2.6 release date next week.
  • Therefore, it is not next week.
  • “Around the corner”.
  • “Soon ™”.

[Given the last time they stated “around the corner”, my guess is 12th February 2014. This is also backed up in the change on the PTS to the World Event tracker’s dates. Used to be starting at 2/5/14 which was placeholder; but it now says 2/12/14].

Dream Weaving

Slated for Patch 2.6, Dream Weaving is a new craft profession that relies on the salvaging of Artifacts for Dream Ribbons as the main craft ingredient in each recipe.

Greg went over Dream Weaving again during the livestream.

Find out more about the Dream Weaving craft profession in RiftGrate’s write-up of the December PTS update. Half-way through the article is all about Dream Weaving. You can also check out other articles all about Dream Weaving here.

Bounties Sytem

Greg went over some of the features of the Bounty System.

  • It is similar to Artifacts in that you obtain Bounty Artifacts and complete Bounty Artifact Sets.
  • Bounty Artifacts are obtained from almost all mob-types in the game as a random drop.
  • Can be tradeable.


Rewards include Animal Call interactive items that make the aforementioned animal’s call SFX. There’s also Trophy (Wall Mount) dimension items, and a Cape specific for the Bounty system.

The Trophies (Wall Mounts) are Bind on Account.

Rift Bounty System Wall Mount

PvP Element:

There’s a PvP element to the Bounties. As well as the Bounty Artifacts that drop from creatures, there’s also Bounty Artifacts that will drop from other players.

  • Each Soul has a specific Bounty Artifact Set.
  • You collect the Bounty Artifacts as a random drop chance when looting a person’s body.
  • The type of Bounty Artifact is soul-specific; and it will be random from the three souls of the player’s spec when they died. (Greg wasn’t 100% sure on this).

More Info:

You can find more information about the Bounties System from the 29th January 2014 PTS Update article.

Budgie Mounts

Greg and Dahanese showed off two Budgie Mounts that will be coming with next week’s ‘Chicken Week’ Promotion. (may not actually be called ‘Chicken Week’).

  • The Frosty Budgie mount will only be obtainable via a special limited-time Budgie Trove/Lockbox during the promotion week.
  • It is unknown how to obtain the Ashen Budgie mount. [I would assume via direct Credit purchase].

Ashen Budgie Mount

Rift Ashen Budgie Mount

The Ashen Budgie Mount. Unknown how to obtain it at this point.

Frosty Budgie Mount

Rift Frosty Budgie Mount

The Frosty Budgie Mount obtained from the Budgie Trove/Lockbox.

You can gain One (1) of the Budgie Troves from the Promotional Achieve: ‘Chicken Run!’ that is currently shown on the PTS:


Note that there’s also 2 other skins that were datamined by TehFrank, so expect those other two colors (the Dark Blue one, and the Redish-Orange one) to pop up on Live at some point as well.


[From their various animations, it is highly likely that these Budgie Mounts use the Ash Strider’s animation skeletons. So think of them as fattened, puffy Ash Striders with clipped wings.]

For anyone interested, here’s the two head-shots of the Frosty Budgie in avatar size. Perhaps you can use it as your forum avatar!

Rift Frosty Budgie Avatar 1 Rift Frosty Budgie Avatar 2

Warrior Reaver Soul becoming DPS

Daglar dropped a bombshell at the end of the Rift portion of the livestream stating that the Warrior’s Reaver Soul would change from its current Tank soul into a DPS soul.

Warrior and Rogue Class Dev Vladd also indicated in a forum post that this would provide better hybridization options for Paladin and Void Knight. The Reaver soul will become a “plague spreading, diseased monstrosity” DPS spec.

Read more here.

Other Stuff

  • Love Bug and Mariel-Taun Day.
  • Tier 3 Raid schedule.

Love Bug and Mariel-Taun Day

The Love Bug will be back for Mariel-Taun Day. [incoming forum qq]

Dahanese also seemed to indicate that Greg has added some interesting rewards in relation to Mariel-Taun Day, including a dye pack with various Valentine’s Day-related dyes (Pink, Red/etc-type colors).

[There’s also a Matchmaker achieve for completing a small questchain starting in Necropolis in Seratos that wasn’t mentioned in the livestream.]

Tier 3 Raid Schedule

Daglar indicated that Tier 3 Raids will begin appearing on Live shards towards the end of Patch 2.6.

“Release will kind of straddle the end of 2.6. As we move into 2.7 we’ll see more of those released.” So you won’t get all of Tier 3 in a single update. [Since it is one-boss-per-instance thus far with Bindings of Greenscale and Bindings of Akylios on the PTS shard, they might release these one at a time over the course of a few weeks.]

For more information on Tier 3 Raids, including where to find the entrances to the Bindings of Greenscale and Bindings of Akylios that are currently up for testing on the PTS – check out the following article:


Look forward to finding out what the exact Patch 2.6 release date will be next week!

[Also, Greg, it’s Auction ‘House’, not Auction ‘Hall’.]

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