PTS News: PvP Relics. Other small additions.

Small change on the PTS today; but one that includes PvP Relic upgrade paths on all Myrmidon gear (except weapons, seal and trinket).


  • Bounty System – Further Info
  • Budgie Supply Crates
  • Combat Pet Skin Bundles
  • PvP Relic Upgrade Paths (Update 02.05.14: Info by Daglar)
  • The Dream Desk
  • TehFrank Datamining

Bounty System – Further Info

Bounty Potions


They’ve updated the PTS with additional tooltips for the Bounty Potions that indicates that the potions provide a 10% damage buff for 30min against the creature race described on the potion. Does not work in instances.

PvP Bounties

Live Content Game Designer Dev Kerilar has posted further information on the PvP portion of the Bounty System.

PVP Bounty items work exactly like PVE. Kill some one, loot them, have a chance at a Bounty item. They are purple and orange, so by default, they will be rolled on.

All of the drops are live and in game on PTS.

Source: Kerilar

This might become annoying depending on how often the Bounty Artifacts are given out because:

  • There will be people looting corpses whilst still in combat;
  • Everyone will get the roll message pop up whilst they are PvPing which can be distracting; and
  • You’ll have non-PvPing Bounty Artifact hunters come into Warfronts to gain these artifacts.

That said, the fact these are Purple and Orange means that – even if they don’t get a premium for being Bounty Artifacts – the fact they are Purple and Orange-tier quality means they’ll sell for a premium for the purposes of salvaging for Dream Ribbons used by Dream Weavers and in creating Dream Orbs.

Budgie Supply Crates

Budgie Supply Crates

There’s now Budgie Supply Crates on the PTS that have temporarily replaced the Greenscale’s Lock Boxes. They include a chance at a Topical Budgie Mount.

The below mount skin is likely the colors for the Tropical Budgie Mount.


So far we know of a:

  • Ashen Budgie Mount
    Unknown how to obtain.
  • Frosty Budgie Mount
    Chance to obtain from Budgie Trove (Red; Transcendent). Probably will be a limited time/quantity offer during the ‘Chicken Week’ Promotion week (this week!). You can get one Budgie Trove from the ‘Chicken Run!’ Achievement under Achievements -> Promotions.
  • Tropical Budgie Mount
    Chance to obtain from Budgie Supply Crates.

Combat Pet Skin Bundles


Unknown prices but the Rift Store -> Pets section has new Combat Pet Skin Bundles available. There’s so many in the Mage’s Elementalist list that the tooltips can’t even cover them all.

Since the individual Combat Pet Skins are Account-wide purchases, the Bundles are probably also an Account-wide purchase.

PvP Relic Upgrade Paths

Rift PvP Relic Neck Myrmidon

There’s now Relic upgrades for every Myrmidon PvP gear on the PTS other than Trinkets and Seals which have the Warlord Conquest Cell upgrades (currently the upgrade item is unavailable until Conquest: Steppes of Infinity launches on Live).

Upgrade parts use Warlord’s Empowered Cells of varying size based on the size attribute of the gear as well as a Radiant Infinity Cell.

Radiant Infinity Cells are obtained from:

  • Killing Crucia in the Tier 1 Raid – Frozen Tempest.
  • Killing Regulos in the Tier 1 Raid – Endless Eclipse.
  • Killing Hard-mode versions of bosses in Frozen Tempest and Endless Eclipse.
  • Rare chance drop from Lockboxes.

There’s currently no other way to obtain them.

Update: 02.04.14 – Daglar has stated that there is an additional PvP route to gain access to Radiant Infinity Cells.

Radiant Infinity Cells for PvP Relics

I had not looked at the forums until just now and saw this 😀 And the other magical thread.

We are adding an additional PvP route to get access to these. These will not be raining from the sky like candy, or be straight up grind-able via currency.

Originally Posted by DAGLAR on 4th FEBRUARY 2014

It has to do with Conquest, Winning Conquest and the other factions can prevent you from obtaining your Radiant Infinity Cells.

Radiant Infinity Cells obtained in CQ
You will have a chance to earn these through PvP. You will not be able to spend infinitely grindable currency of any sort to have that chance.

Some of you will probably complain that “that isn’t PvP” – spoiler alert it DOES involve conquest – and it DOES involve winning – and it DOES involve other people being able to STOP you from getting your rewards.


Originally Posted by DAGLAR on 5th FEBRUARY 2014

So looks like they are actually sticking with the Radiant Infinity Cells.

Also; it’s been confirmed that they are using the Warlord’s Empowered Cells (of varying sizes).

Warlord Marks
It is not a mistake as far as I understand. You should be gaining more warlords marks if you choose to take them as a higher ranking player.
Originally Posted by DAGLAR on 4th FEBRUARY 2014

Check out further information on PvP Relics and a new Warfront coming in here:

Check out the full list of upgrades for each class below:

ClericCleric PvP Relics

Mage PvP Relics

WarriorWarrior PvP Relics

RogueRogue PvP Relics

Note: Again noting that the Warlord Conquest Cells don’t exist on Live yet – they will come in with Conquest: Steppes of Infinity.

If you’re maxed out on gear – perhaps consider stocking up on Warlord’s Empowered Cells.

The Dream Desk

Dream Desk dimension item

The Dream Desk is a dimension item that can be obtained from completing the ‘Avid Reader’ achievement found under Achievements -> Zones.

The interesting thing about this dimension item is that you can hover over every part of the Dream Desk. The Candle, individual Books, Desk and Chair can be hovered over (and will ‘highlight’ to indicate you are hovering over it). Each has their associated tooltip pop up.

There’s also this warning:


“Not everyone within the reading circle is an Avid Reader!”

This could potentially mean that you can interact with each part. Perhaps you can sit on the chair, light the candle and ‘read’ each Dream Book to other people in the dimension. However, you need to all have the ‘Avid Reader’ achievement.

This makes sense. What likely happens is that if the person sitting on the Dream Chair selects a Dream Book, that book opens up for everyone within the ‘reading circle’. Now you can only read the book if you already have collected it in your character sheet – so that means only ‘Avid Readers’ are able to interact with this Dream Desk (since the achieve indicates they’ve collected all the books).

If that is the case – this is an amazing step towards more interactive dimensions. Now all we need to know is what the ‘Ghost Clock’ does (another reward for completing the ‘Avid Reader’ achieve).

Thanks to Kiwidreamer for housing the Dream Desk (and other Unstable Artifacts and Dreamweaving VFX items) in her ‘RDD: Dream Weaving Items 101’ dimension on the PTS. Open for public viewing!

TehFrank Datamining

TehFrank has datamined the small update on PTS today and created a new Feb 2014 thread.

  • New Cape model added.
  • New Dimension Item: Arcanum Conservatory Music Box. (according to Tacitus, it is not coming in 2.6)
  • Possible tweaks to Runic Athenaeum.


Thanks to TehFrank for continuing to datamine new PTS updates!

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5 Comments on “PTS News: PvP Relics. Other small additions.”

  1. February 4, 2014 at 8:06 pm #

    Great work as usual but… incredibly disappointed in the Bounty Potions… who cares about 10% more dps to mobs, I want to bloody track them! And the PvP Relic upgrade.. yeah. Worst info about 2.6 after a lot of good stuff.

    • February 4, 2014 at 8:29 pm #

      Yea, the Bounty Potions are a disappointment. Since they don’t work in instances, the most you could get out of them would be against Raid Rift mobs or to finish some of your Dailies a little faster (at the cost of 5p per mob you want to deal +10% more damage to).

      As for PvP Relics – really need to wait for more information. Daglar has confirmed they’ll still need Radiant Infinity Cells – but PvPers will have a PvP option of obtaining them. No details on that.


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