Contest: Leaderboard Challenge Feb 12th week


Daglar has posted a new Rift Contest: Leaderboard Challenge that will be for the reset week starting 12th February 2014.

Top 5 players in each category per cluster (i.e. NA cluster, and the two EU clusters) will be awarded Credits and bonus loyalty. First place in each category gets a Radiant Infinity Cell (Tier 1 Relic upgrade piece) on top of the other rewards.

(Note: This isn’t the PvP route Daglar mentioned before for earning Radiant Infinity Cells.)

Source: Daglar

Contest Times

The Contest spans the Leaderboard weekly period for the weekly reset after Wednesday 12th.

Contest starts at 4am Server Time on Wednesday 12th February 2014. [Time Converter]

It ends at 3:59AM Server Time on Wednesday 19th February 2014. [Time Converter]


The Leaderboards window is accessed with default key “;” which can be found on qwerty keyboards next to your “L” key.


To find out the current Top players for a specific category, make sure to select a category and in the drop-down choose “This Week” and “Top 50”.


  • Storm Legion Expert Dungeons Completed
  • Storm Legion Raid Rifts Closed
  • Rare Monsters Killed
  • Rifts Closed
  • Instant Adventures Completed
  • Warfront Total Healing
  • Warfront Total Damage
  • Warfront Kills
  • Warfront Total Wins
  • Conquest: Items Harvested

Prize breakdown for each category

  • 1st Place: 7,500 Credits / 15,000 Loyalty + Radiant Infinity Cell
  • 2nd Place: 3,000 Credits / 6,000 Loyalty
  • 3rd Place: 1,500 Credits / 3,500 Loyalty
  • 4th & 5th Place: 750 Credits / 1,500 Loyalty

Some Thoughts

Just some thoughts on the various categories:

Storm Legion Expert Dungeons Completed

The SL Expert dungeons run is likely a good place for very well-geared PvE players who can find similar-geared players to run with. This will depend how often you can find geared players to run with – but doing runs in approx 10min each with a good group should help push you ahead of other players.

Note that the best times for a lot of the instances are 5:45 to ~10min each.

Storm Legion Raid Rifts Closed

This could also go over well. Since this contest begins February 12th, lots of people will be doing the two new Fire Raid Rifts in order to get those new relic essences. That said, you won’t really have a ‘gear’ advantage to this unless you somehow don’t run out of lures. Checking crossevents@faeblight for “LFM DRR” will probably help out.

Rare Monsters Killed

This will work out for anyone who knows where a lot of Rare mobs spawn. Perhaps get something ready (like a map with dots of mobs) and target macros (as well as Rare Mob tracking addons). Cross-shard hop to get as many kills as possible. May end up with a bit of competition though.

Rifts Closed/Instant Adventures Completed

Mindnumbingly boring and more dependent on how many hours you can be in the game for the week. IAs have a problem of others leeching and you ending up with higher IA objectives and ending up slowing down.

Conquest: Items Harvested

CQ Item Harvesting will depend on not only amount of time you can be online, but also your faction’s ability to take extractors. If your faction takes the entire Caer Mathos side of the map, you can pick up a ton of sourcestones. Otherwise if your faction doesn’t take a lot of extractors you’ll end up having to face enemy extractor turrets, or have few other places to pick up sourcestones.

Location of Sourcestones without extractors:


Note that this may not be all the locations of sourcestones that don’t spawn on extractors.

Warfront Total Healing/Warfront Total Damage

Prepare for tacticians, wardens and any other AoE Heals or AoE DPS specs.

Port Scion might get popular – if enough people know about this Leaderboard Challenge.

Warfront Kills/Warfront Total Wins

Prepare for pocket healers and premades!

Good luck to all!

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