Livestream Summary: 7th February 2014

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Trion had their 7th February 2014 Friday Livestream Extravaganza with Community members Greg “OverloadUT” and Elizabeth “Dahanese” as well a guest appearance by Game Director Bill “Daglar” Fisher at the end of the Rift portion of the livestream. They showed off the Budgie races as well as revealed further information on PvP Dimensions as well as Radiant Infinity Cells in Conquest.

Click here for a replay of the 7th February Friday Livestream Extravaganza video on


  • PvP Dimensions.
    • Unknown ETA; Not 2.6. Window: “measured in weeks, not months”.
    • Kill, Scoring, Damage, Denial ‘Volumes’.
    • Spawn points, Flags (to pick team), Scoring Item to adjust timers/etc.
    • Can be 2 or 3 teams.
  • Radiant Infinity Cells obtainable in Conquest.
    • Chest in Conquest. Chance at currency, random class-specific gear and Radiant Infinity Cells.
    • ‘Possibly’ coming next week (2.6).
  • Livestream Giveaways Expanded.
    • Now includes in-game giveaways during the Livestream.

Below is a summary of all the important things relating to the livestream. As always, everything can be subject to change prior to the content hitting Live.

Black/Normal Text = Livestream Summary.
[Dark Blue Text] = My own comments. i.e. May not be indicative of actual content.

Table of Contents:

  • PvP Dimensions.
  • Radiant Infinity Cells in Conquest.
  • Livestream Giveaways Expanded.

PvP Dimensions

Greg went over some more details about PvP Dimensions during the livestream. No footage was shown though.

ETA: Not 2.6. However, Greg indicated that the time that PvP Dimensions are implemented on Live can be “measured in weeks, not months”.

Basics: There are dimension items that will define ‘rules’ and objectives for a PvP Dimension. These include:

  • Flag items that allow players to pick their team.
  • Spawn point items.
  • ‘Volume’ items. (similar to Weather-blockers).
  • Items that allow you to control how scoring works.
  • A Scoreboard item that can – for example – define what the Time Limit of the match will be.

You can have either 2 or 3 teams set up.

[the spawn points and team flags likely use the Conquest factions to tell the teams apart. TehFrank’s datamining recently revealed the icons below that are clearly meant for PvP Dimensions]



Various ‘Volume’ items can be placed and resized. They are similar to Weather-blockers in that anything within the ‘volume’ of these items will have the item’s effect applied.

[ This ‘Volumes’ concept will likely allow for highly customised PvP Dimensions with varying objectives. ]

Some examples:

Scoring Volumes
These determine what areas will count for scoring. This can be done on a team-by-team basis and can stack.

i.e. you can use a ‘Team A gets point if they kill people in this area.’ and then place a ‘Team B gets point if they kill people in this area.’ at another location. You can also stack volumes so that they get 2 points instead of 1 at certain locations.

Damage Volumes
These are areas that will deal damage to anyone in the area. This can be done on a team-by-team basis and can stack. You can thus create ‘risk vs reward’ sections of the PvP Dimension.

i.e. Team A will gain more points killing enemies closer to Team B and Team C’s spawn points (via stacking Scoring Volumes) but Team A takes more damage in those locations.

Kill Zone Volumes
If people enter the area of these Kill Zone Volumes, they die. This can help prevent spawn-camping.

[ Could potentially even add a platform surrounded by a moat – anyone knocked back into the moat dies. Create a gladiator-type arena where everyone vies to stay as close to the middle as possible. To prevent them from hugging the middle of the platform; place Damage Volumes with more stacks as you get closer to the center. ]

Denial Volumes
Denial Volumes prevent players from crossing into or out of the volume. This allows you to set up spectator areas. You can either place Denial Volumes to enclose spectators in a large PvP Dimension; or you can enclose the participants in these Denial Volumes and have the spectators outside.

[No confirmation was given as to whether abilities can be used in-between. Hopefully those on the other side of a Denial Volume are considered such that no abilities can benefit/damage those on the other side. ]

Multiple Possibilities

[There are so many possibilities for PvP Dimensions, and just dimensions in general.

For instance you could use the Kill Zone and Damage Volumes to create a Race Course Event. Use the Denial Volumes to allow for spectators to watch the race. Damage and Kill Zone Volumes for traps.

And how about the future? Could Speed and Snare Volumes be possible? (like with the Budgie races). Other potential mechanics used in PvE Raids being available as Volumes/’Rule’-based Items for dimensions?

Looking forward to how this develops.]

Radiant Infinity Cells in Conquest

Daglar mentioned briefly at the end of the Rift portion of the Livestream today that the Radiant Infinity Cells could potentially be coming to Conquest “possibly” next week (Patch 2.6 release).

He also gave additional information that the Chests that will spawn at the end of the Conquest match has a random chance to give players:

  • World Currency
  • Dungeon Currency
  • Targeted Loot for your Class
  • Radiant Infinity Cell (Tier 1 Raid Relic upgrade piece + PvP Myrmidon Relic upgrade piece)

These changes are a response to the addition of PvP Relics on the PTS. You can find out more information about these Conquest Chests and PvP Relics below:

Livestream Giveaways Expanded

Trion’s Friday Livestream Extravaganzas almost always have freebies given away to those who follow the channel and make a post in the Livestream chat channel when the items are being given away.

With today’s livestream, Trion has expanded on this tradition to include giveaways in-game.

During today’s livestream:

  • Random players in-game near Greg’s character were given Bird Seed using a macro Greg had set up (no trading required).
  • 3 lucky players in-game received Tropical Budgie Mounts (not obtainable in-game yet!).

On top of these new in-game giveaways, the Livestream Chat Channel followers also got their usual giveaways:

  • 10 random followers received a Limited Edition: Budgie Trove each.
  • 1 lucky player received a Tropical Budgie Mount.
  • 1 lucky player received a Radiant Infinity Cell (Tier 1 Relic Upgrade piece).


Dimensioneers can consider planning and making PvP dimensions that revolve around these upcoming ‘Volumes’ and Scoring items in mind. I’m sure there’s lots of dimensioneers who already have interesting ideas in mind just from learning about these ‘Volume’ items.

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