News: Patch 2.6 is here!

Patch 2.6 is here on Live shards! (8am ST 12th February for NA, 2am GMT 13th February for EU.)

Rift 2.6: Dream Weaver Patch Notes.

Here’s a quick summary of major additions:

  • Dream Weaver Craft Profession. Check out the Guide: Dream Weaver.
  • Unstable Artifacts. Check out the Guide: Unstable Artifacts.
  • Bounty System.
  • Air Saga Storyline. Air Saga World Event. Guide: Air Saga World Event
  • Combat Pet Skins.
  • Conquest. Winning team can now interact with a chest that spawns near the final boss. Final boss spawns 10secs after CQ timer ends instead of after foci kill. Chest gives chance at currency, Radiant Infinity Cells, Temporal Vaults and Dungeon/Sliver-level gear.
  • PvP. Valor increased to 84%, Healing/Absorb reduction increased to 58%. Weekly Cap for Myrmidon increased to 10,000.
  • PvP Relics. Past Information on the PvP Relics.
  • Crafted Relic Cape Upgrade.
  • New Notoriety Tanking Runes.
  • Soul Presets Updated. New presets with guide links.
  • Cleric Druid Satyr Protector default skin updated. [pic]

Patch Notes are available on the Rift Forums here.

A few other additional highlights for those not interested in reading through the entire patch notes (note: these are not the entire patch notes):


  • Killing creatures that award Torvan or Lycini notoriety now only do so if the mob grants XP.
  • Reduced the frequency of the Sinister Tide and Invasive Species rifts.
    Added inexpensive lures to open the Sinister Tide and Invasive Species rifts. [they cost 800 planarite each and found under Rift Store -> Rifts]


  • Being resurrected by another player in an instance no longer causes a long load delay.
  • Significantly improved performance of particle effects, especially on multicore computers.
  • Internal restructuring of how chat traffic is handled to improve general server performance.


  • Black loyalty tier has been added to the RIFT Store along with new rewards!
  • Most dimension keys on the Rift Store are now tradeable and giftable.


  • A new quest line has been added to Necropolis. Find Prepo Detolo and see what you can do to help him win his true love. [You can find this quest at Necropolis – should be fairly obvious where from the mini-map as you port to the place via the porticulum.]


  • Increased the amount of damage reduction provided by max Valor at level 60 to 84%.
  • Increased the amount of healing and absorb reduction in PVP at level 60 to 58%.
  • Note: the tooltip for Valor is currently bugged and not displaying any damage reduction. An engineer is working on an ASAP fix!
  • The Weekly Cap for Myrmidon’s Marks has been increased to 10,000.
  • Relic upgrade paths are now available for all Myrmidon armor and accessories.


  • The winning team in conquest can now interact with a chest to gain bonus loot. Rewards range from extra currency, Radiant Infinity Cells, or Temporal Vaults with a chance to drop dungeon level and sliver level rewards.
  • The final stage of Conquest has been altered slightly. The final boss now spawns 10 seconds after the phase change to the final phase, instead of after the foci are defeated. The reward chests also spawn at this time.
  • Players can no longer be queued twice in the same warfront queue by two different group leaders.


  • Increased the maximum active dimension slots to 20!
  • Players can now search for any public dimension.
  • Sorting and filtering have been added to the dimension item list window.
  • Dimension boundaries are now only visible in edit mode. Goodbye, green shimmer!
  • The cottage in Deepwood Cottage now grants Rest XP. The sky no longer changes when entering the cottage.
  • Increased range on Music Boxes. When you place a Music Box, it should now play music throughout your entire dimension.


  • Relic crafted cloaks now have an upgrade path using the maximum notoriety Torvan cloaks as well as other reagents.


  • New tanking runes can be found on various faction quartermasters.
  • The “Token Boost” item set bonus no longer increases the amount of Myrmidon Marks or Frozen Eclipse Stones earned.
  • Fixed an issue where several Storm Legion trinkets that absorb damage were not having their effects reduced in PVP combat.
  • The Death Toll now has a caster upgrade path.
  • Titan Forged Life Battery now has a non-caster upgrade path.
  • The Spectral Hand now has a caster upgrade path.


  • Added 30 more macro icons!
  • The minimap now displays unique color icons for displaying gathering resources such as ore, plants, wood, and fish.


  • The heal over time from Blood Thirsty, both the PA and Guild Perk, now falls off if the target dies.
  • Some soul tree presets now have a Guide link to a website that display additional information on how to play the preset.

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