Guide: Carnival Dimension Items

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Carnival of the Ascended 2014 has brought in a plethora of new Dimension items and a new Dimension Key.


  • Dimension Key: Castle Fortune with 2,520 max item limit.
  • 4 Carnival Dimension Kits with a plethora of new items.
  • 2 new Dream Weaving Recipes.

Dimension Key: Castle Fortune

Dimension Key Castle Fortune

The Castle Fortune dimension costs 3 Auroral Dubloons (limited Carnival currency gained from weekly quest) and 200 Glass Beads (unlimited Carnival currency gained from planar mobs/rifts/zone events) or 1,700 Credits (1,530 for Patrons).

It is found under Rift Store (default key “]“) -> World Event.

Fortune Castle Map

It is a really large dimension that uses The Flatyard in Shimmersand (6712, 6417) that grants you not only access to the courtyard but also to the surrounding areas outside and the underground cave.

Dimension Item Limit is 2,520 at Level 5.

Image Gallery – Castle Fortune

Below is an image album of the dimension.

IMGUR Album: Castle Fortune

Video – Castle Fortune

Check your Dimension Search tab (default key “[” for dimension window) and type in “Castle Fortune” and you should hopefully be able to find someone with the dimension so you can have a live tour of it.

Carnival Dimension Kits


Each of these kits contain an assortment of dimension items related to the Carnival of the Ascended. They cost either Prize Tickets (obtained from participating in Carnival games) or Credits.

Check out images with associated item names below:

Carnival Lantern Kit
Carnival Lights Kit
Birthday Feast Kit
Birthday Feast Kit
Carnival Banquet Kit
Carnival Banquet Kit
Carnival of the
Ascended Kit (Part 1)
Carnival of the Ascended Kit #1
Carnival of the
Ascended Kit (Part 2)
Carnival of the Ascended Kit #2
Carnival of the
Ascended Kit (Part 3)
Carnival of the Ascended Kit #3

If you happen to be on Laethys, you can view all the items by searching for Marko in the Dimensions Window and entering the “Castle Fortune” dimension.

Dream Weaving Recipes

Carnival Dream Weaving Recipes

There’s two new Dream Weaving recipes for Carnival of the Ascended.

Gentle Rainbow

Start of Rainbow
start of the rainbow
Rainbow In the Sky
End of Rainbow
Double Rainbow

Note: There’s two Gentle Rainbow items in each picture. Normally it’s just a single rainbow.

The Gentle Rainbow adds a rainbow that starts from the location of the ‘item’ and ends up relatively far away. It has an odd shape at certain angles though, but still looks pretty nice.

The Recipe: Gentle Rainbow is a Dream Weaver Level 325 craft item that requires 24 Dream Ribbons to create.

[Obligatory song post]

Falling Petals


The Falling Petals item is just like the falling petals you see in Tempest Bay. A single Falling Petal item may not be enough so you may wish to stack them up.

The Recipe: Falling Petals is a Dream Weaver Level 175 craft item that requires 14 Dream Ribbons and a Roc Orchid Petal (plant) to create.

Hope this gives you an idea of all the dimension stuff you can get with Carnival of the Ascended 2014! Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with for these items!

You can check out an overview of other areas of the Carnival of the Ascended below:

Also, check out the main Carnival Guide with Quest/Carnival Games information and details on the Carnival Achievements below:

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7 Comments on “Guide: Carnival Dimension Items”

  1. Selim of Faeblight
    February 27, 2014 at 12:51 pm #

    Oh, This is a totally juicy dimension! I want one! And thanks, Khortish, for the loc, gallery of photos, and video tour. Exceptionally thorough and helpful.

  2. Efitall on Deepwood
    March 3, 2014 at 6:01 am #

    Very nice guide. Thanks for taking the time!


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