No Livestream this week, 3 Auroral Doubloons + Others

Some News tidbits for the week that may interest you:


  • There is no Livestream this week due to technical issues. [Source: Cole]
  • CC Changes further info: One of the changes involves making all Silences and Disarms into Debilitates which is a combination of the two. Arriving with 2.7. [Source: Daglar]
  • Maximum Texture Quality reduced for players on 32-bit machines to address stability issues. [Source: CM Kiwibird]

Carnival of the Ascended:

  • You WILL be able to obtain 3 Auroral Doubloons by the end of the Carnival. [Source: Daglar]
    • Week 1/Phase 1’s Quest will reward one Auroral Doubloon.
    • Week 2/Phase 2’s Quest will reward two Auroral Doubloons.
    • You can find a guide to Phase 1’s quests/carnival games here.
  • Carnival is two weeks due to past feedback in previous years. Trion ‘may’ add a third week during March at some point depending on feedback. [Source: Daglar]
  • Tales of the Ascended quests issue. Act 2 and 3 have been disabled – this means that any day where they are the daily rotation = carnival questgiver won’t offer a quest. Fix coming with 5th March hotfix. [Source: Tacitus]
  • Patron Daily and Weekly Gifts will be converted to a special Carnival of the Ascended version that rewards Glass Beads on top of the other items. This will be enabled with next week’s patch. Payouts will be boosted to compensate for missing a week. [Source: Archonix]
  • Codex: Wheel of Fate Warfront will not make a come-back this year. Achieves relating to it will also become Legacy. [Source: Daglar]

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