1.2GB PTS Update – Datamining

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The recent 1.2GB PTS Update brought in a new warfront, zone event, new Runic Athenaeum quests and Bindings of Laethys Tier 3 Raid encounter.

TehFrank has datamined the update and here’s what was found:

  • Bindings of Maelforge file-name.
  • Mini-map updates.
  • Necropolis main building – Possible Dimension Item.
  • 3.0 Soul UI Icons.
  • Different colored versions of Trees.
  • Pink Budgie Mount, Mallard Pet and possible Lady Glasya skin.
  • Feet models updated.

As always, everything is subject to change and some datamined files may never make it to Live.

Table of Contents:

  • Bindings of Maelforge
  • Mini-Map Updates
  • Necropolis Main Building
  • 3.0 Soul UI Icons
  • Multiple Colored Trees
  • Various Skins
  • Feet Models Updated

Bindings of Maelforge


One of the datamined files includes a “binding_maelforge_terrain” file. This clearly indicates that a Bindings of Maelforge Tier 3 Raid Encounter will exist. This brings the total amount of boss fights in Tier 3 Raids that we know of thus far to 4. Will Crucia and perhaps even Regulos be included in the fights?

Mini-Map Updates

Three mini-maps have been updated that are of interest:

Bindings of Greenscale


This one clearly looks like the Bindings of Greenscale mini-map, especially the chamber before Greenscale which does not have a maze in the Tier 3 Raid encounter.

Necropolis Sub-Chamber


The next one looks to be Necropolis Sub-Chamber; the cave underneath Necropolis with the Crypt Rats. The shape and textures match, and so do the ‘glowing wires’ that form on the ceiling.

Nothing seems to have changed in the area so it’s probably just a graphics update.

Bindings of Maelforge


This is the chamber where the Maelforge and Eggs encounter are in the Level 50 Tier 3 20-man Raid: Infernal Dawn.

It is also used as the area where the Bloodfire Stronghold bosses spawn – and it could also potentially be used for the Level 60 Tier 3 20-man Raid Encounter: Bindings of Maelforge.

Necropolis Main Building


The Necropolis main room model is also part of the recent update. The file is located under “/housing/” which has been used to place other dimension items. As such, it could be possible that we will be seeing this building as a dimension item in the future on the Live shards.

3.0 Soul UI Icons


The 3.0 Soul icons seem to have propped itself up with this update. From the color schemes, it looks like, from Left to Right: Arbiter (Mage); Liberator (Warrior); Oracle* (Cleric); Physician (Rogue).

(the rogue one looks uncannily like some Katamari king)

*Cleric’s Crusader 3.0 soul has had a name-change to Oracle. Thanks to Techie Will for providing this info! 😀


There’s also a plethora of ability icons from the new souls. Thanks to Muspel on the forums for confirming that they are Arbiter (Air/Water) and Oracle (Water/Death) icons. Physician and Liberator currently use placeholder icons.

Multiple Colored Trees


There’s now a plethora of spiral tree icons of different colors – and checking out the Dimensions -> Trees section of the Rift Store gives you multiple colors of the Hailol, Love, Teardrop and Spiral Trees.

This seems to reflect what Dead Simon mentioned Trion wanted to look at doing – adding multiple colors of a variety of dimension items – because actually dying the dimension items would be difficult to implement. [r]

These are already on Live; so I’m guessing they were part of Mariel-Taun Day.

Various Skins

Various skins have been datamined.

Mallard Pet


This looks like either a troll from Trion or perhaps there is an actual Mallard companion pet or NPC coming.

Pink Budgie Mount


A Pink Budgie Mount would have been great for Mariel-Taun Day/Valentine’s Day. A bit late, so I’m guessing this may be part of the elusive Doctors Without Borders Promotional Week. Or something Trion will introduce in the next Budgie Madness Promo Week. No ETA on those Rift Store events.

Lady Glasya Skin?


First up – this does not look like a mount. Instead, it looks like an actual humanoid figure. My guess is that it is Lady Glasya who is mentioned several times as being some kind of leader to the Bloodfire Army.

Note that this is a skin so everything looks stretched out and expanded. Just imagine skinning an animal and laying the skin flat on a table. Wouldn’t look much like the actual animal.

  • The top-right area is clearly a face skin with part of a helm.
  • The top-left area looks to be a chest skin. You can see the collar bone and the left breast.
  • The bottom-left area looks to be either a side-view of her right breast region or her lower-back region if you look at it side-ways.
  • The middle skin area looks like her upper-back region, except upside down.

The overall Red/Black color scheme of her armor and her red mascara would seem to point to the Plane of Fire – and Lady Glasya immediately pops up.



This could really be anything. It could even be an update of Crucia’s outfit (the back area). It could potentially be a rather sinister weapon – perhaps even Lady Glasya’s weapon. Or it could be armor for – say – an armored version of the Cyclone mount.

Then again, it could end up just being some random contraption for a quest.

Webbed Skin


Wings? A hut? Just some random doodad? Who knows.

The texture does remind me of the Dwemer huts in Skyrim though and it may just be added texture for the Mutant huts in The Dendrome.

Feet Models Updated


Does someone over at Trion have a foot fetish?

These could potentially be an update to feet models in order for oft-requested wardrobe items like sandals to be made possible.

However, the “foot_doctor” portion could potentially relate to the Doctors Without Borders promotion. In which case, this could just be slight NPC feet changes in relation to the promo – like a missing foot/etc.

Although TehFrank has been having issues getting his PC parts delivered in a timely manner after his computer died recently, he was still able to help datamine the latest update with the help of players Jobar and Techie Will!

Thank you all for helping datamine the recent update!

As always, the datamined files are subject to change and may not end up on Live.

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