Patron Subscription Sale – 1yr $99


Img Source: Trion Worlds

Trion have posted up a Patron Subscription Sale on their website for RIFT; with a one-year Patron subscription going for $99 ($8.25 per month, effectively; but it is billed upfront).

There’s also a slight discount on some of the other subscriptions:

  • 3-month = $36.87 (down from $38.97)
  • 6-month = $61.74 (down from $65.94)
  • 12-month = $99 (down from $119.88)

Check out the Patron Subscription Page for more information on what Patron offers – which includes extra currency, daily patron 40% vials, bank/mail summons; bonus loot in Daily/Weekly Patron Gifts, +10 Daily Quest Limit and 10% Rift Store discount, amongst other benefits.


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One Comment on “Patron Subscription Sale – 1yr $99”

  1. Selim of Faeblight
    March 4, 2014 at 6:41 am #

    Eeeexcellent! I’ve been waiting for this. Thanks for the news, Khortish.

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