Tales of the Ascended Autocompleting until Hotfix

As some of you may know, the Tales of the Ascended II and III Carnival quests are not working properly and cannot be completed. Dev Tacitus today has switched on auto-completion of the quests so that if you have or take the quests, you can turn them in automatically. That’s a quick 10 prize tickets and one random artifact for pretty much no work.

The auto-completion of the quests will turn off with this week’s hotfix (5th March) as hopefully the hotfix ends up fixing the bugged out rifts.

Tales of the Ascended Quest:

  • Located in Shimmersand. The quest is obtained from Dantwor Honey-Tongue <Barker> who is located in front of the Carnival ferries at (6644, 6864). (This is near the shore, not on the rocky bridge).
  • When you obtain the quest, it will auto-complete (until this week’s hotfix).
  • Speak to the Herald of Heroes located in Shimmersand at (7036, 6994) to turn in the quest.

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