3.0 Souls confirmed for Patch 2.7!

The 3.0 Souls have been confirmed for Patch 2.7!

MMORPG.com was able to get exclusive information on the Warrior’s healing soul – Liberator. In the article they mentioned that the 3.0 souls will be coming out in Patch 2.7. Daglar has since confirmed this.

You can check out the article here, which also includes lore information relating to the Liberator soul.

As mentioned in the article, Rift’s website will have further information, including explanations of Soul’s abilities. Information on the other souls will begin appearing in the coming weeks.

Note: Some of the information they have provided seems to be inaccurate or out-dated – such as mentioning that the Liberator soul would “draws his healing power from wading into combat” which soul testers such as RoughRaptors and Muspel have confirmed as being false.

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2 Comments on “3.0 Souls confirmed for Patch 2.7!”

  1. March 5, 2014 at 7:28 pm #

    Hrrrrrmmmm… Can we assume that all sorts of loot will be added to the game as well? I’m more concerned about Mage Tank gear than anything! And the release date… are we thinking perhaps June/July?

    Additional: that Liberator backstory… was perhaps the worse written paragraph I have ever had the misfortune to read.

    • March 5, 2014 at 8:07 pm #

      They’ll probably add the mage tank gear in when they release the souls – there are test gear packs on the PTS’ Master Mode version of Dummy Foundry (the bear traps).

      There’s no ETA on Patch 2.7. However if we look at past release dates – Patch 1.7 (1st Feb 2012); Patch 1.8 (18th Apr 2012); Patch 1.9 (27th June 2012). Patch 2.2 (27th Feb 2013); Patch 2.3 (12th June 2013).
      Something like June/July does seem possible – although it all depends on when they plan to release 3.0. If they plan on releasing it some time in Summer – they’ll need to fit in 2.8 prior.

      (and yes, that Liberator lore is god-awful. Especially forcing the CQ storyline; and the ending speech).

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