RIFT 2.6 Hotfix #7

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Trion will be updating RIFT with RIFT 2.6 Hotfix #7 at 7:00AM PST on 6th March 2014 (NA) and 12:30AM GMT on 6th March 2014 (EU).


  • Particle effect crash fixes; chat server stability improvements.
  • New category in Auction House -> Artifacts.
  • Air Saga quest fixes for those that require resets.
  • Conquest: Final boss and Conquest Chest now spawns at Eye of Regulos.
  • Daily Carnival Patron Gifts enabled (after the hotfix).
  • Carnival Celebration Mounts are now Tradeable.
  • Relic versions of the Carnival essences now have a 5th stat.
  • Resource mini-map tracking fixes so they no longer appear off-center.

RIFT 2.6 Hot Fix #7 – 03/06/14
* Fixed a crash that could result from particle effects.
* More work done on the chat servers to improve their stability.
* Great Hunt: Planarch Augmur: This boss now spawns correctly.
* Searching for specific types of artifacts is easier than ever! The Auction house now has a new category for Artifacts, as well as some subcategories under it.
* Fixed a bug that would cause Marvelous item call-out to appear twice if the item was obtained from a conquest chest.
* Fixed a rare issue with macro handling.CARNIVAL OF THE ASCENDED
* Store:
– Daily Carnival Patron Gifts have been enabled for the last week of the carnival event. The currency payout has been increased since we were late by a week!
– Most Carnival items are now Giftable!
– Cleric tanking weapons now show up correctly in the World Event section of the store.
* Items
– Carnival Celebration Crate pets are now correctly labeled as “Bind on equip” instead of “Binds on account.”
– Carnival Celebration Crate mounts are now tradable.
– Stats on the Relic version of the Carnival’s Lucid Sheerstone Essences has received a 5th, relictastic, stat.
– Tito’s Partini dance will no longer play firework sounds after its duration has ended.
* Moved all of the The Codex: Wheel of Fate Achievements to the Legacy category.
* The “Tales of the Ascended” rift events are now working again.
* Dragon Pinatas in Iron Pine Peak are now level appropriate.

* Fixed bugged animations on the following Escalating mounts: Vaiyuu, Yarnosaur, Valmera.
* Scrolls are no longer falling from the sky: fixed a bug that caused re-grants of both Character and Guild Rename Scrolls.

* Fixed auction house sorting for Dream Bolt and Dream Ribbon. New listings of these items will now show up under Crafting -> Materials -> Cloth.

* The Ganitmite Longsword is no longer Unique Equip.

* Fixed resource tracking icons on the mini-map being slightly off-centered.

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