Cleric 3.0 Soul – Oracle, revealed!

The Cleric’s 3.0 Soul (coming in Patch 2.7 [r]) is called the Oracle and Massively have gotten an exclusive sneak-peak at its lore.

  • A Support soul using Water/Death magic.
  • Lore: Comes from a future timeline where they use their abilities to forestall the annihilation of Telara. [Hardy83 on the Rift Forums has begun an interesting discussion on some of the highlights of the Oracle’s lore]

Not much else is revealed other than lore and the basic function of the soul (i.e. as a support soul).

You can check out the Massively article here.

Note: According to both and Massively‘s articles on the Liberator and Oracle souls – Trion should have a post up on their website with further information on the two souls some time on the 6th and 7th of March.

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