Livestream Summary: 7th March 2014

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Trion had their 7th March 2014 Friday Livestream Extravaganza with Temporary Livestreamer “Cole” Marshall, Community Manager’s  Sarah “Kiwibird”, Eric “Echo” [“Batman”] Cleaver and Evan “Scapes” Berman as well a guest appearance by Game Director Bill “Daglar” Fisher and “Jason” (chat server guy).

Cole spent the time mainly PvPing, although Daglar did answer a few questions and the new CMs were introduced.

Click here for a replay of the 7th March Friday Livestream Extravaganza video on


  • Conquest: Steppes of Infinity coming next week.
  • Carnival of the Ascended World Event extended for one week.
  • The other two 3.0 (2.7) souls will be revealed next week.
  • Tier 3 Raids will be balanced for the new souls.
  • Mage Tank Gear will be available in 2.7 for all tiers/content.
  • Livestream Giveaways.

Below is a summary of all the important things relating to the livestream. As always, everything can be subject to change prior to the content hitting Live.

Black/Normal Text = Livestream Summary.
[Dark Blue Text] = My own comments. i.e. May not be indicative of actual content.

Table of Contents:

  • New Community Managers.
  • General Stuff.
  • Livestream Giveaways.

New Community Managers


Community Manager’s Sarah “Kiwibird”, Eric “Ocho” Cleaver and Evan “Scapes” Berman were introduced on the stream!

  • CM Kiwibird will be all over social media and the forums for a variety of Trion Worlds games.
  • CM Ocho will be taking the lead on Rift and Trove communities.
  • CM Evan will be taking the lead on Defiance and ArcheAge communities.

Introduction posts on the Rift forums:

General Stuff

Not much on the livestream today so just general additions:

3.0 Souls

  • 3.0 Souls will be released in Patch 2.7.
  • Physician and Arbiter lore pages will be up on the Rift website next week.
  • Tier 3 Raids will be balanced with the new souls in mind. Current raid testers on the PTS are using these souls as part of their raid make-up.
  • Mage Tank (Arbiter) gear will come out in Patch 2.7. There will be gear available for all tiers.

[For mages, save up on those Empyreal Slayer’s Marks for Tier 1 Raid gear and Frozen Eclipse Stones for Tier 2 Raid gear as there will be the usual vendor purchases for Arbiter gear.]

Conquest: Steppes of Infinity

Conquest: Steppes of Infinity may be coming out as early as next Wednesday (as long as QA gives the OK). [You can check out more information about the map here (besides kill count and point gain changes, not much has changed since the September article was written).

Note that when Conquest: Steppes of Infinity comes out, the old Freelancer’s Marks of Conquest will likely be retired and a new ‘Warlord’s Marks of Conquest’ will be required that is gained from both Conquest: Steppes of Infinity and Conquest: Stillmoor.

Previous information have indicated two new re-skinned/modelled armored tiger mounts, possible new PvP essences and capes that require Warlord’s Marks of Conquest. [r]]

Carnival of the Ascended Extension

Carnival of the Ascended will be extended by one week.


  • Looking at possibly making Macro system better.
  • Reconfirming that 3.0 will launch this year.
  • Akylios is not the only ‘big bad’ in the Plane of Water. He is “small fish”.

Livestream Giveaways

Trion’s Friday Livestream Extravaganzas almost always have freebies given away to those who follow the channel and make a post in the Livestream chat channel when the items are being given away.

During today’s livestream:

  • 1 random Livestream follower received a mount of their choice from any of the released/discovered mounts in Rift.
  • 5 random Livestream followers received 10x Troves (Transcendent version of lockboxes) each.
  • A person who claimed he looted CQ Chest in 85 matches without getting a Radiant Infinity Cell received one. (Daglar mentioned this is a one-off thing).


Nothing was shown – Cole was PvPing in Warfronts the entire stream – but a handful of things like CQ: Steppes of Infinity release date and Carnival extension were revealed.

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