Carnival Essences Upgraded (5 stats instead of 4)

The Relic versions of the Carnival “Enigmatic” essences have been upgraded to have 5 stats instead of their original 4.

This update was a while ago and it was mentioned in a previous post on RiftGrate; but I had not updated the images of the essence stats with the new stats until recently.

The Relic versions of the Tank Essences now have an extra Tank-based stat and the Relic versions of the DPS/Heal Essences now have SP/AP on top of their original CP stat.

Reminder: Carnival of the Ascended has been extended by an additional week (so it’s 3 weeks in total) so there’s still time to earn Glass Beads from the Crafting/Gathering quests; killing planar invasions; closing Rifts; completing Zone Events; bashing Dragon Pinatas.

The New Stats

Below are the updated images. You’ll find some of the new essences to be highly desirable depending on your class and spec’s stat weights although you would have to weigh that up against the cost to fully upgrade one of these essences.

Cleric Essences
Mage Essences
Warrior Essences
Rogue Essences

These cost 1,536 Glass Beads and 12,000 Planarite or 1,280 Credits (1,152 for Patrons) each. Unique Equip – Family. They also have multiple upgrade paths prior to hitting max upgrade.

The final upgrade requires a Radiant Infinity Cell on top of the other component/s.


Radiant Infinity Cells (‘RIC’)can be gained from:

  • Killing Crucia in Frozen Tempest (Tier 1 20-man Raid);
  • Killing Regulos in Endless Eclipse (Tier 1 20-man Raid);
  • Killing Hard-mode activated bosses in Frozen Eclipse and Endless Eclipse;
  • Rare drop from certain Lockboxes;
  • Rare drop from Conquest Chest (accessed at the Eye of Regulos in the middle of the map; for winning faction; after 5min timer);
  • Rare drop from Freelancer Equipment Cache gained from “Guns For Hire” Level 60 Weekly Warfront Quest obtained in Tempest Bay.


Alternatively you could use your RIC on a fully upgraded Hell’s Insurgents and Bloodfire Incursion (Fire Raid Rifts) essences. You can check out those essences as well as a guide to the two raid rifts here. The loot table is at the bottom of the page.

You might also just settle for the Torvan Venerated notoriety-level essences gained from Rift Store -> Equipment -> Essences. Or use the RIC to upgrade Tier 1 gear or Myrmidon PvP gear.

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