New Mounts + Mort PvE Focus

Some more news tidbits:

  • PRI Quartermaster in Tempest Bay on the PTS with a new Black Empyreal Walker Mount that costs 750 Temporal Gears (gained through Temporal Flux daily quests and Temporal Vaults during Mech Week Promotional Week).
  • Possible PvE version of the Mortiferous’ Sigil/Source Machine (focus) with Vengeance replaced with AP/SP.
  • Umbral Budgie Mount shown by Daglar on the PTS.

Black Empyreal Walker Mount


Mari <PRI Quartermaster> is available in Tempest Bay at (13112, 11530) in the room with all the PvE merchants and dailies/weeklies on the PTS. Likely aimed towards the next Mech Week Promotional Week.

The PRI Quartermasters now sell “Black Empyreal Walker” for 850 Temporal Gears. The Temporal Gears are obtained from Temporal Flux daily quests and Temporal Vaults (lockboxes) during Mech Week.

This is on a similar vein to Budgie Week and their Tropical Budgie Mount. Thus if you don’t spend any Credits at all, you will probably end up being able to obtain this mount after 5-6 Mech Weeks. Or if you buy a lot of Temporal Vaults (lockboxes), you’ll get enough Temporal Gears to buy one sooner.

PvE Mortiferous’ Focus


UPDATE (03/24/2014): Daglar has confirmed that the PvE version does not exist on Live and it was changed into the PvP version prior to the focus hitting Live. [r]

The PTS has a +50 END, +20 Resist All, +75 Vengeance Focus available under Rift Store -> PTS -> Focus.

Kiwi over at Rift Dream Dimensions was able to screenshot a PvE version of the focus that Daglar had equipped during the recent Conquest: Steppes of Infinity playtest. You can check out her article along with new Umbral Budgie Mount and Blue and Gold Empyreal Walker Mount here.

It’s currently not available under any vendor or the Rift Store and it has the exact same name as the PvP version (with Vengeance) so it is unknown whether the AP/SP version still exists or whether they decided to change it to the PvP version.

Umbral Budgie Mount


Kiwi over at Rift Dream Dimensions was also able to get a screenshot of Daglar on a new mount – Umbral Budgie Mount. You can check out her article here.

Currently there’s no way of obtaining this mount on the PTS – but it is likely to be obtainable in the next Budgie Madness Promotional Week.

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2 Comments on “New Mounts + Mort PvE Focus”

  1. March 10, 2014 at 12:10 pm #

    Woo hoo another promo event to mostly ignore! 😀

  2. March 26, 2014 at 5:41 pm #

    I wish I was online for mech week. I want an empyreal walker mount so badly!!!!!!

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