‘Glyph’ Gaming Platform

So you might have tried logging into the Rift Forums or Website and been directed to this page:


Do not fear! Trion has not been hacked or anything like that! Instead, over at Massively they’ve revealed that ‘Glyph’ is Trion’s new “lightweight digital hub” that may take over as the launcher for Trion’s titles.

Glyph will also be adding in games from Trion’s partners. All games are DRM-free. [Sounds like a Mini-Steam/Origin].

Glyph (the launcher) will likely replace our current launchers for Trion World games after the Game Developers Conference 2014 (which lasts from March 17-21).

You can learn more about it from Trion World’s announcement here.

Glyph Logo

What is it?

The Glyph Digital Gaming Platform seems to be something along the lines of a small version of Steam/Origin that allows Trion to list all its games under a single launcher. It also supports games from Trion’s partners. According to the announcement it seems to be a place for DRM-free games.

For Trion Worlds games, it means that you can update all your games from a single launcher as well as be exposed to other games from Trion Worlds. For Trion, this helps them cross-advertise and let – say – Defiance players, know that there is a game called RIFT. This may boost populations across Trion’s games.

What does it mean for me?

Not much.

This will not really affect those who only play on one of Trion’s titles; but it may prove more convenient for those who play on multiple titles.

The Glyph launcher may have ads within the launcher for different Trion Worlds and partner games. These will likely be like the ones you see in the Rift Launcher currently. It’s a likely possibility given how other game company multi-title launchers tend to work.


CM Ocho has posted a quick FAQ based on what people have been asking on the Rift forums. FAQ below:

Will this require me to create a new Glyph account?

Nope! Glyph is the new name for Trion’s platform – Your existing account remains working exactly as it does today!

Can we just keep using the current launcher forever, or will we need to convert to the Glyph Launcher at some point?

The heart of the Glyph launcher is, very literally, our current launcher itself.

As a piece of technology, you can think of Glyph as a major version upgrade and you’d be 100% correct in doing so. This is about sharing the tech that does so well supporting our current games, as well as opening it to outside developers.

As with all version upgrades, when it’s a legitimate upgrade in user experience, the upgrade will be released to all users.

Your feedback will be a key part of that process, and you’ll be able to beta test it before it goes live. We’ll let you know here when that’s ready.

Will I be able to run multiple instances of games from the Glyph Launcher on my computer?

This is firmly our intention. This is actually something necessary on our end as well, as we use this capability when testing our games.

Will Trion share any details about its users as a result of Glyph?

Absolutely not.

Will we be forced to use the new launcher?

Migration to the new launcher will be automatic after significant community testing.

Will my personal infromation be shared to third parties which have not been yet announced?

No personal information will be shared.

Can I continue to use my Trion account for Rift if I do not accept the Terms of Service on the new launcher?

The accounts are the same.

Will we be forced to re-download all of the content via the new launcher?

You won’t be forced to re-download anything, it should work seamlessly.

What incentives are there to use the new launcher?

It’s a better launcher.

My question would be, if this does replace the Rift launcher, how will affect users that are playing Rift through Steam?

Steam users should be unaffected.

Will there be a fee on using the launcher?

No fee for using the launcher.

[ Will update this section as Ocho or others update with more news about the platform. ]

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3 Comments on “‘Glyph’ Gaming Platform”

  1. March 12, 2014 at 6:14 am #

    soon u reach top RIFT fan based site!

  2. March 12, 2014 at 9:58 am #

    We’ll just see how it goes really. Could be great, annoying, bad, horrible, alright. I dunno!


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