PvP Dimensions up on PTS!


Initial PvP Dimension items are up on the PTS for testing! There’s a new PvP category under Dimensions on the Rift Store and you can purchase test packs from the Master Mode Dummy Foundry NPC for 1 silver each.

This post is outdated – please refer to the Guide: PvP Dimensions article.

Note: As this is on PTS, everything is subject to change including prices.

Table of Contents:

  • Obtaining the Test Pack
  • How it Works
  • Black Garden Dimension Key
  • Spawn/Respawn Items
  • Scoreboard Items
  • Volume Items
  • Bundles

Obtaining the Test Pack

dimension pvp test pack

The Dimension PvP: Complete Pack TEST item can be obtained from the Master Mode version of Dummy Foundry on the PTS for 1 silver. It contains everything that is currently up on the Rift Store.

  1. Log into the Public Test Shard.
  2. Change your Dungeon Difficulty to Master Mode (need to be Level 50; right-click your portrait to change it).
  3. Click on the Bear Trap located near the porticulums in Sanctum, Meridian and Tempest Bay. This will send you to Master Mode Dummy Foundry.
  4. Speak to the NPC and obtain the test pack.
  5. Once done, exit via the Bear Traps located behind the NPC. Blue = Sanctum; Yellow = Tempest Bay; Red = Meridian.

If you use a fresh character, go into the Dummy Foundry in Standard Difficulty. If the NPC isn’t there and you are instead in the other dungeon – speak to Fluffy in the dungeon and purchase and use the Level 50 potion. This should allow you to have the “Master Mode” option for Dungeon Difficulty.

How It Works

Basically PvP Dimensions work through the placement of PvP Dimension items. Up to 3 teams can compete. The basic scoreboard currently allows for kill-based scoring with a timer.

There’s a Join Banner to join a team; Start Point to indicate where a team starts and Spawn Point to indicate where players respawn for each team.

When you place down a Scoreboard item into the dimension (which indicates the time and how many teams can participate in a match), a timer will begin giving you 35seconds to join a team (by clicking on a team’s banner).

When you click on a team’s banner, you will be ported to the Start Point item for your team. Once the join timer ends, the match begins.

There are a variety of Volume items that indicate areas where you can earn points. There are also items that make certain areas deal damage or even out-right kill you, as well as items that allow spectators to watch the match without affecting the match.

Black Garden Dimension Key


There’s a new Black Garden Dimension Key. You can obtain it currently from the Dimension Test Pack located in the Master Mode version of Dummy Foundry on the PTS.

The Dimension itself looks exactly like the Black Garden warfront, minus the power orbs and the Fang in the middle. As such, it’s likely aimed at 2-team matches unless you can find a way to make it fair for a 3-way match.

Item Limit Upgrades:

  1. 315 Item Limit – Free
  2. 470 Item Limit – 90p
  3. 945 Item Limit – 270p
  4. 1,260 Item Limit – 540p
  5. 2,520 Item Limit – 4,800p

Spawn/Respawn Items

There’s spawn/respawn and join items for up to 3 different teams.

Team Select


Just as its name suggests, these are Team Select Banner items. Click on them prior to a match to select the team you wish to join. You can have both 2-team matches and 3-team matches based on the Scoreboard items you use.

joinbannersSimply click on a team when a Scoreboard item has been dropped (and the Join timer starts) and you will be ported to the Start Point for your team.

Start Points


Start Point items determine where you begin the match. These can be separate from respawn points so you can make a map where people start in a different location from where they respawn.

Respawn Points


Respawn Point items determine where you respawn during the match.

Scoreboard Items


Scoreboard Items can be placed anywhere in your dimension and it determines what type of match is played. Thus far there are:

  • 5 minute matches for 2 teams
  • 20 minute matches for 2 teams
  • 10 minute matches for 3 teams
  • 30 minute matches for 3 teams


Once a Scoreboard Item is placed down, the ‘match’ will activate. You receive a 35 second timer to join a team (by clicking on a team’s banner). This will teleport you to the Start Point for your team.


Once the join timer ends, the match begins.

It is likely that other options will be available in the future depending on how popular PvP dimensions end up becoming.

Volume Items

There are various items that do a variety of things for PvP Dimensions. There are team-specific score volumes, damage volumes, Kill volumes, and invisible/blocking volumes.


You can stack the volume items so that they stack their properties. I.e., stacking score volumes will earn the respective team more points per kill. Stacking damage volumes will cause damage ticks to be higher.

Score Volumes – Kill Counters


The Score Volumes (Kill Counters) are volume-based dimension items that will determine in which areas of a particular map you are allows to gain points for killing another team’s players.

There’s currently 3 ranges – 10m, 25m and 3000m. Each team has a score item for each of the other teams. The above picture shows Dominion’s kill counters.

For the most part your basic PvP Dimension will just use the 3000m ones and include all scorers so that everyone can gain points for killing players from other teams in any location on the map.

However, you might want to create interesting PvP Dimensions that include areas (like near spawn camps) that you don’t want players to be able to earn points for. Other reasons would include the Kill Zone items where you may not want players to – for instance – grief their team by constantly running into Kill Zones, getting themselves killed, and scoring points for other teams.

Damage Volumes – Hazard Zones


The Damage/Hazard Zone items deal small or large damage to players who stand within the zone’s range.

There are “PvP: Small Damage Zone” items that deal damage to all teams, or ones that are specific to an individual team.

There’s a variety of uses for – perhaps you can stack score volumes on the opposite end of a team’s base but add damage volumes for that team only so that although they can gain more points for killing players in that area, they also take damage. Risk vs Reward.

Stacking the Damage Zones can also be used to give Risk vs Reward strategies for shortcuts. One example would be a round, floating arena where you can knock players off to their deaths. You could make it so that the closer the players are to the center of the arena, the more damage they take. Thus players will attempt to remain in the outer ring whilst making sure not to get knocked back out.

Kill Volumes – Kill Zones


The Kill Zones – as indicated – automatically kills a player. You can have ones that kill players from all teams or individual teams.

This can be used to quickly prevent spawn-camping. It can also be used to make PvP Dimensions more interesting by making knock-backs, pulls and fears become far more deadly.

Invisible Collision Volumes


There are Invisible Spheres and Invisible Tile volume items. These make it so that those outside the Invisible Volume cannot go inside it, and those inside cannot go outside.

This is a simple way of creating barriers to prevent ‘exploits’ in your map. It also allows for PvP Dimensions where the teams spawn in close proximity but are unable to interact with each other.

The Invisible Volumes are also great for allowing spectators to watch the map whilst preventing them from joining in or messing with a match that has begun.



There are currently two bundles on the PTS. One is for 2-Teams and the other is for 3-Teams. Each contains the Black Garden dimension Key.

So far the PvP dimensions look promising – although a few adjustments probably need to be made to make it easier for dimensioneers to create PvP dimensions.

As always, everything on the PTS is subject to change.

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4 Comments on “PvP Dimensions up on PTS!”

  1. March 13, 2014 at 5:25 pm #

    No Guardian/Defiant? :((((

    • March 13, 2014 at 5:57 pm #

      Nope; just the three CQ factions to differentiate the teams.


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