Tito’s Partini Party Pack + Others

Some news tidbits:

  • “Tito’s Partini Party Pack: 100 Partinis” is up on the Public Test Shard at Rift Store -> World Event section for 300 Prize Tickets. These are used with the Tito companion pet summoned to force a group of players to /victory dance and spawn fireworks under their feet.
  • 2nd row being added to the Quest Bag. ETA: Expected to make it for 2.7. [r]
  • Allowing players to place their own Artifacts in Dimensions is “on the list” – Dead Simon. [r]
  • Promo Week currencies such as Bird Seed and Temporal Gears can now be found in the Currency Tab.
  • Mayhem in Mathosia is now active in Silverwood/Freemarch until Wednesday, 19th March 2014 at 10AM PST. [r]

Below contains further information on some of the news tidbits mentioned above:

Tito’s Partini Party Pack: 100 Partinis


Currently found in Rift Store -> World Event on the Public Test Shard, for a limited time during the Carnival of the Ascended, this pack contained 100 Tito’s Partini items. They can be used when you have a Tito companion pet summoned to make an area of players do the /victory dance with fireworks at their feet for a short period of time.

The Tito companion pet is obtained either from the Carnival Celebration Crates or from other players via trade/Auction House.

This will (hopefully) make it to live prior to Carnival ending.

titodanceThe above image shows what it is like – blue fireworks below every player’s feet (who is in range of the AoE) and everyone is forced to /victory dance. They stop if they move.

Might be a fun item to stock up on until next Carnival (which occurs next year around the same time).

2nd Row of Quest Bag

Currently if you go to your Quest Log window (default key “L“) you’ll find at the bottom there’s a “Quest Items” bar. That’s where your quest-related items go to. Only when that row is full will the quest items start being added to your inventory.

With the introduction of Craft Extension Slots though, a lot of crafters are finding that craft daily/weekly quest items are ending up overflowing into their inventory.

Gingers has confirmed that there will be a 2nd row of quest item slots being added, expected to make it to Patch 2.7. [r]

Since the current row of Quest Items stores 20 Quest items, it’s likely that the new row will bring the total quest items stored in the Quest Log window to 40.

Artifacts in Dimensions

Forumers mentioned wanting to be able to place their own artifacts in dimensions. This would help make it easier to incentivize and make it easier for players to set-up, run and join scavenger hunts, jump puzzles and mazes in dimensions (for instance by placing rare, hard-to-get Bounty Artifacts at the end of a maze, top of a jump puzzle or hidden away in random places in the dimension).

Dead Simon has indicated that he is “very interested in [adding artifacts to dimensions]”. He has stated it is “on the list” although he also mentions that his list of things he wants to do is rather long. [r]

Promo Week Currencies

Promo Week Currencies such as Bird Seed and Temporal Gears are now found in the Currency tab under the Promotions heading (at the bottom). You’ll find all your Bird Seed items automatically converted.


The Currency tab is found under your Character Window (default key “c“).

You can find out more about where to spend Temporal Gears in the Temporal Flux Promo Week Guide and Bird Seed in the Budgie Madness Promo Week Guide.

Mayhem in Mathosia

Mayhem in Mathosia Events involve increased rewards for participating in various zone events in certain specific zones including rare mount drops, costume piece drops and other similar items.

MikeD has mentioned that they are now able to launch the Mayhem events with “less upfront coordination” so they can be up more often and at unscheduled times. [r]

Mayhem in Mathosia is currently up for Silverwood/Freemarch until 10am PST on Wednesday, 19th March 2014.

Past Mayhem in Mathosia Weeks have rewarded items such as Sapphire Ki Rin Mounts, Lavender and Cinder Hellbug Mounts, Lesser Boosts, Crimson Gothic Hat and other costume/weapon skin items.

You can check out Trion’s previous announcement articles on previous Mayhem in Mathosia events to see what they are all about:

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2 Comments on “Tito’s Partini Party Pack + Others”

  1. March 15, 2014 at 12:00 pm #

    There is a Mayhem week going on right now until the 19th of March. You pick up the quest in your faction city and the quest is to kill 700 planar creatures in silverwood/freemarch.

    There is a known bug with the quest that the only way you get credit is by getting the killing blow. They have not yet said they will ever fix this bug but they said they would make it such that the quest stays in your log for a week longer but will be no longer offered.

    This info is all in the same forum post you linked in the article 🙂 Just thought people should know.

    • March 15, 2014 at 1:21 pm #

      Yep, thanks amazingchili! 😀 I’ve updated the article accordingly with the new Mayhem event and will be making a separate Article about it as well shortly.

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