3.0 (2.7) Soul is now available on the PTS!

It’s Monday and the 3.0 souls coming out in Patch 2.7 are now available for testing on the PTS! And boy are there a ton of players on the PTS today (more players here than are usually afk in TB on Laethys).

Here’s the rundown:

  • Access the Public Test Shard client.
  • Copy over your char from Live shard or make a new one.
  • Right-click portrait and select Dungeon Difficulty -> Master.
  • Click on the bear trap near the Sanctum, Meridian or Tempest Bay Porticulums.
  • Speak to the NPC in the Dummy Foundry instance you enter via the bear trap and buy the TEST 2.7 Soul Box for 1 silver at the bottom of the NPC’s vendor list.
  • Read guides written up on the Rift Forums.

More info available below:


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