Justicar Changes Incoming for Patch 2.7

Mage and Cleric Class Dev Kervik has posted information about significant changes coming to Justicars, slated for Patch 2.7.

The changes are mainly aimed towards the Justicar’s ability to hold threat without really doing anything – as such, amongst the changes, overhealing threat from Mien of Leadership and threat from Salvation will be removed.

Along with these changes, raids and other activities that benefits from the Justicar’s current level of threat generation will be getting tweaks so they are more viable for other tanks to handle.

Further changes detailed below:

As always, these at present PTS changes – they are all subject to change through feedback from players. You can post your feedback in Kervik’s thread here.

Kervik: Justicar Update
Below is the current list of changes set to go out to PTS with the next update:

  • Mien of Leadership no longer causes overhealing to generate threat.
  • Healing from Salvation no longer generates threat.
  • Even Justice and Hammer of Faith now hit up to 10 enemies.
  • Hammer of Faith now deals its damage instantly and no longer has a travel time or bounces between enemies.
  • Light of Creation now increases damage done with Strike of Judgment, Reckoning, Bolt of Radiance, and Doctrine of Authority by 15/30/45%.
  • Increased damage of Reckoning and Precept of Refuge.
  • Mien of Leadership now increases threat by 400%. Up from 350%.
  • Increased the threat multiplier of Hammer of Duty and Hammer of Faith to 3. Up from 2.
  • Confidence now grants a Conviction every 6/3s.
  • Doctrine of Bliss and Doctrine of Loyalty now consume up to 4 Convictions when cast. Healing is increased for each Conviction consumed.
  • Light Makes Right now causes casting Hammer of Duty or Hammer of Faith to apply a buff to you, increasing your Life damage by 2% for each Conviction consumed by the Hammer. Lasts 15s.

Originally Posted by KERVIK on 20th MARCH 2014

Also further post with additional clarification/changes by Kervik:

KERVIK: Further Justicar Changes

For the healing being done by DoB and DoL, the bonus to their healing from consuming additional Convictions is just a straight multiplier currently. So if it heals for 500 health now, it will heal for 2000 when consuming 4 stacks with the new version.

I have a few more changes I’m making today for the soul. The Mien of Honor change in particular is still in flux a bit:

  • Righteous Mandate is no longer affected by the global cooldown.
  • Reduced the threat multiplier on Reprieve from 2 to 1.
  • Mien of Honor now reduces threat generation by 50%. Increases damage and healing done by 5%. Causes casting Hammer of Duty or Hammer of Faith to apply a buff to the Cleric for 15s, increasing their damage by 2% for each Conviction consumed by the Hammer. This buff stacks with the one from Light Makes Right.

Originally Posted by KERVIK on 20th MONTH 2014

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