Lore: Bloodfire Army and Lord of Fire


Trion has posted an interesting lore piece on the Rift site about Lady Glasya, her Bloodfire Army, and her father, the Lord of Fire.

You can check out the post here.

There’s also a new concept art of Lady Glasya that looks very much like the (assumed) Lady Glasya skin that TehFrank datamined recently.

Concept Art of Lady Glasya

(Img Source: Trion)

This definitely looks like the skin datamined by TehFrank, and the wings look like the ‘canopy’ skin.


Expect her to pop up in Telara at some point!

Lady Glasya and the Bloodfire Army

The Bloodfire Incursion and Hell’s Insurgents raid rifts have roleplay that suggested that Lady Glasya had staged a coup against a King in the Plane of Fire that ended up failing – which is why they landed in Telara, to make it their new base/staging post.

The “Lore of the Fire” post by CM Ocho has revealed that:

  • Lady Glasya is one of many siblings of the Lord of Fire;
  • Maelforge’s soul came back to the Plane of Fire after being defeated in Mount Carcera. Lady Glasya subsequently gorged on Maelforge’s heart and gained new strength and power;
  • She lost the fight against the Lord of Fire and was stripped of her lands, titles and honors;
  • She’s now got her eyes on Telara.

What will this mean for Telara? Well, already we’ve got the Bloodfire Army at our doorstep – there’s two raid rifts, Bloodfire Behemoth zone event and quests attached to the Bloodfire Army in Arc 4 of the Air Saga questchain.

We haven’t seen Lady Glasya yet – but we’ll certainly see her at some point in the future. Will we see the Lord of Fire? If the Lord of Fire discovers that Lady Glasya is building a base on Telara, will the Lord of Fire send her other siblings to stop her? And if they fail, will he come to Telara himself?

Will we go to the Plane of Fire instead, and challenge the Lord of Fire within the Platinum Keep ourselves?

If the Bloodfire Army and this new lore are not directly attached to the Plane of Water’s storyline – this could potentially lead to a future expansion into the Plane of Fire (which would also open up the possibility of seeing Shi-Ming!).

Maelforge’s Soul

The idea that Maelforge’s soul returns to the Plane of Fire and that the denisons of that Plane fight over the soul to take its power is very interesting.

Maelforge’s Soul
It shook the atmosphere as it changed shape, and her mouth fell open as the winged form of Maelforge emerged from its wake of flame.

“The dragon is slain and his soul returned,” Glasya cried.

Elder demons, Wanton warriors, and condemned souls all rushed to claim the dragon’s soul.
Originally Posted by OCHO on 21st MARCH 2014

Does this potentially mean that other notable figures in the Plane of Life (Greenscale’s soul), Plane of Water (Akylios’ soul) and others from the dragons we’ve defeated would also be empowered by eating/absorbing the souls of the Blood Storm dragons?

In any case, the addition of new lore is certainly a welcome addition and this opens up new (potential) paths for future content.

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