Tip: Bloodfire Behemoth Farming

Quick tips relevant to this phase of the Air Saga World Event related to the Bloodfire Stronghold:

  • Rift Event Watcher has been updated to track Bloodfire Behemoth zone events. (Thanks to Elioty@Zaviel for creating and maintaining Rift Event Watcher!)
  • Form or join cross-shard raid groups that are farming the Bloodfire Behemoth zone events. If organising, Mark players for each shard’s anchor and make note of who is from which shard (so you can easily anchor to them).
  • Collect a whole bunch of Infernal Conduits before teaming up with 4 other players to run Bloodfire Stronghold bosses.
  • With a large amount of Infernal Conduits between each player you can pop Token boosts. The Bloodfire Stronghold bosses give 120 Infinity Stones each. Level 15 ones for Level 60-mentored-players should take a few seconds to kill providing a nice IS farm.

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