PTS: New Promo Images Datamined

TehFrank has datamined the latest update (just a small 70mb-ish update) containing some new soul ability icons for the 3.0 souls as well as promo images for the new portrait frames.

  • 3.0 Soul Ability Icons
  • Promo Images for Portraits
  • Other Promo Images
  • Possible….Dimension crafting image?

As always, anything datamined may be subject to change, and may never make it to Live.

3.0 Soul Ability Icons

Rift Liberator Ability Icons

An update on the Warrior’s new healing soul (Liberator) ability icons. Earth/Magnet-based abilities reflected in the new icons.

Promo Images for Portraits


There are new Promo Images for the Character Portraits shown in the small PTS update two days ago. This clearly looks like something they could add to the Rift Store front page.

It was originally speculated that these may be either achieve rewards (like the Rare Mob diamond icon) or Rift Store; but it seems clear now it is Rift Store-based; perhaps under Wardrobe or a possible new ‘Customisation’-like category.

There’s also ones for the individual portraits – perhaps for future specific featured Promo pages after the initial promotion.




Other Promo Images

There’s a bunch of other promo images (or what looks like promo images) shown in today’s datamine:

Mount Promo Image


This seems like a promo image they could use as a general background when featuring mounts on the main Rift Store page. Could also be for Mount Discount Weekends.

Crafting Promo Image


This could be of general use for something like armor bundles being shown on the Rift Store front page. Or for crafting recipes/craft materials.

Originally I did hope that the mount and crafting promo images could potentially relate to new items for Dimensions. I.e., perhaps an interactive stable where players can click on a mount and ride it through the dimension. Or for the Crafting Promo Image; potentially being able to place crafting stations in Dimensions (like what Dreamweavers currently have).

Tools Promo Image


Unsure whether this would be an actual Promo Image or something else. Seems too long for a Promo Image (the image is cut off).

Could potentially be a brand new category on the Rift Store, perhaps a new window for Dimensions or something like a special promo image for Loyalty (like they did with Fae Yule and the Credits Gifting Promo).

Hard to say what it could be related to – but it does have crafting tools, plants, Mdoi doi doll (possibly related to Storm Legion puzzles), spellbook, chests and at the very end what looks like a crate. Perhaps new crafting UI?

Just speculation at this point.

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