Bonus Loot for SL Instances 3/26 to 4/2

Trion have announced that there will be bonus loot for 20-man Storm Legion Raids as well as the final bosses in Storm Legion Expert Dungeons and 10-man Slivers starting on 26th March and ending on 2nd April. [r]

They also temporarily doubled the rewards for Daily Expert Dungeons for this reset week from 400 ESM + 50 FES to 800 ESM and 100 FES. [Thanks to Slipmat on the forums for revealing this to NA players (since EU players got this hotfix early) r]

Loyalty gain from spending Credits has also been doubled temporarily during this reset week until 2nd April. [r] Patron Passes/Subscriptions are not included. [r]

Trion’s Twitter post confirming the bonus loot below:

Trion also posted a Facebook post which includes “plus the final boss of Storm Legion Expert Dungeons and Slivers”. [r]

Bonus Loot items look like the below:


You can instantly open them; no waiting required. They drop from:

  • Bosses in 20-man Storm Legion Raids;
  • Last boss in 10-man Storm Legion Raids;
  • Last boss in Level 60 Storm Legion Expert Dungeons.

Look forward to bonus loot!

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