Notice: NA players hold off on doing Daily SL Experts until after hotfix!

Quick Notice: NA players should hold off on doing Daily SL Experts until after 2.6 Hotfix #11 coming in at 8am PDT (server time) on 26th March 2014. Same applies to raids.


  • This reset week’s bonus loot event includes doubling the Daily SL Expert Randoms from 400 ESM + 50 FES to 800 Empyreal Slayer’s Marks and 100 Frozen Eclipse Stones. [Thanks to Slipmat for posting the info on the forums]
  • 20-man raid bosses and the last boss of 10-man raids and SL Experts will (or have a chance to) drop bonus loot.

If you’re at 7x you could use one up though and hold turning it in until after the hotfix (perhaps the reward will convert to the bonus).

Stocking up on turn-ins may be risky though, so if you can help it it’s probably more prudent to hole onto 6x dailies prior to reset at 4am, or 7x dailies after reset and before hotfix at 8am.

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