Heart drop, female suit, channel changes + more

A few news tidbits:

  • Inyr’Kta in the Tier 2 20-man Raid ‘Planebreaker Bastion’ will be dropping the upgrade piece, ‘Heart of the Planebreaker’ “next patch”. [Ref: Josh York]
  • Females will be getting a Suit-type wardrobe piece “in the near-ish future”. [Ref: Marigold]
  • Private Channels will automatically disable announcements once they reach 20 members the first time.This means that when the chat servers reset, you no longer will need to worry about finding who has been newly appointed admin/moderator rights for popular channels like crossevents@faeblight or hellokitty@hailol to get rid of the mass join/leave announcement spam. Slated for next hotfix. [Ref: Pithos]
  • Daglar confirmed 3.0 will bring in new abilities for all the classes/callings (as max level will increase to 65). [Ref: Daglar]
  • Unstable Artifacts: [Ref: Dead Simon]

    • Fix to achievement for the Unstable Squirrel mounts (Cloudtail/etc) will be fixed next Wednesday hotfix.
    • Dead Simon is looking to add another way of obtaining Unstable artifacts during the zone events. ETA: ~ 1 month.

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