PTS: Hero’s Unrest Rifts added + Soul Changes

The Hero’s Unrest quest on the Public Test Shard has been updated with the addition of a new Hero’s Unrest Rift for each Plane that hints at something amiss with our reality.


  • 6x Hero’s Unrest Rifts; quest still bugged.
  • Bunch of Physician soul changes up.

Hero’s Unrest Rifts

hero's unrest rifts

Runic Athenaeum has had a quest for Hero’s Unrest Rifts for a few updates now on the PTS, but the vendor didn’t have the lures – till now.

There’s now new lures for each Plane called “Lure: Hero’s Unrest – [Plane]”. They cost 800 planarite each or 13 Credits and are found from:

  • Bvaldi <Rift Lures> NPC at the Runic Athenaeum [Location].
  • Rift Store -> Rifts (top area where the Sinister Tide and Invasive Species Lures are found).

These lures can be opened in any zone.

The Avatars of the Planes


The Heroes of the Past

Each of the “Hero’s Unrest” Rifts show 3 Heroes or NPCs of the past. These NPCs relate to a new storyline that is being built up with the Tier 3 Raids, Runic Athenaeum soul and lore quests as well as from zone events – and now, these rifts as well.

The Avatars

Each “Hero’s Unrest” Rift has an Avatar of [Plane] at the end. Each NPC makes it clear that something is amiss – they feel they have ‘forgotten’ some of their memories and none of them recognise the Avatars of the Planes.

What does this all mean?

hero's unrest rift npc quotes

In the up-coming Tier 3 raids (slated for the tail end of Patch 2.6, with more encounters released in Patch 2.7), we are tasked with going to the past and defeating the dragons alongside the heroes who once bound the dragons prior to our present timeline.

The ‘Avatars of the Planes’ seems to suggest that we’ve succeeded – but this has only led to greater foes that we have to deal with from the Planes – and they have Avatars of their own.

The Lord of the Fire lore that was revealed by Trion recently seems to suggest that when we destroy the dragons, their energy will simply be consumed by others of their Plane – strengthening and creating more powerful foes for us to contend with.

It’ll be interesting to see how this all plays out and what direction Trion will take the lore going into the Plane of Water.

Physician Changes

Vladd has posted some more Physician (Rogue 2.7 soul) changes on the PTS.

The 3.0 souls (coming out in Patch 2.7) are available for public testing on the PTS. Click here for information on how to go about obtaining them.

Latest Physician Changes
PTS has just been updated with the following changes:

  • Increased the absorb shield on Expectant Treatment
  • Removed the cooldown and added a 1.5s cast time on Preemptive Therapy. This also means that the absorb value was increased.
  • Combination Therapy now heals for 12.5% of the Rogue’s AP per rank instead of 2%.
  • Changed all heal spells to require the ranged weapon and as such use it in ability calculation.
  • Increased the healing done by Biofeedback.
  • Reduced Cast time on Causal Treatment to 1.5s and adjusted healing done and energy costs accordingly.
  • Reduced healing done by Mass Blood Transfusion again by 20%.
  • Increased damage done by Mass Blood Transfusion by 100%. This puts it back to where it was before.
  • Emergency Response is no longer on global cooldown.

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