Tip: How to kill Amon T’Drok

Amon T’Drok is a Bloodfire Behemoth zone event boss that spawns in Steppes of Infinity, Ashora and The Dendrome. It seems as though a large group of players don’t know how to remove Amon T’Drok’s incoming damage reduction stacks.

Quick Summary:

  • Amon T’Drok gains Hardening Ash damage reduction stacks over time.
  • A random player will get a purple pulsing AoE and spawn Volatile Gas Vent after a short while.
  • Another random player will get a yellow/firey pulsing AoE. They need to go on top of a Volatile Gas Vent to make it explode, removing Amon T’Drok’s Hardening Ash stacks.

How to kill Amon T’Drok

Killing Amon T'Drok

Amon T’Drok is the Bloodfire Behemoth zone event boss for Ashora, Steppes of Infinity and The Dendrome. He has a damage reduction stacking buff mechanic that you must remove if you want any chance of killing him in a timely manner.

Hardening Ash

Hardening Ash

Amon T’Drok gets stacks of Hardening Ash that reduces incoming damage by 10% per stack. You destroy this with Volatile Gas Explosion.

If you don’t destroy this continuously throughout the fight, the fight will last forever to the point where – at high stacks – you’ll basically be doing nothing to him.

Volatile Gas Vent

volatile gas vent

Volatile Gas Vents spawn from a random player that gets a purple pulsing AoE. After a few seconds of the purple AoE pulsing, it will drop and spawn the Volatile Gas Vent.

The Volatile Gas Vent will cause a Volatile Gas Explosion that will remove Amon T’Drok’s Hardening Ash stacks.

However, you need a player who has a pulsing yellow/firey AoE on them to stand on top of the Volatile Gas Vent. Any works – doesn’t need to be one that is on top of Amon T’Drok.

Ember Cloud

Ember Cloud

A random player will gain a pulsing yellow/firey AoE. They need to stand near a Volatile Gas Vent to make it explode, causing a Volatile Gas Explosion that is needed to remove Amon T’Drok’s Hardening-Ash-incoming-damage-reduction stacks.

Common Misconceptions

Let’s alleviate some common misconceptions about Amon T’Drok’s mechanics:

  • Stacking Volatile Gas Vents does nothing. A single Volatile Gas Explosion will remove all stacks of Hardening Ash.
  • DPSing down Votalile Gas Vents does nothing. Sometimes you might see a Volatile Gas Vent get dpsed and then the stacks are removed – but that’s only mere coincidence. Someone who received the Ember Cloud debuff happened to be near a Volatile Gas Vent.
  • You may sometimes see his stacks removed randomly and a Volatile Gas Vent explode. This is mainly because a player who was on top of a Volatile Gas Vent happened to get Ember Cloud.
    This happens a lot when you have a lot of players in melee range of Amon T’Drok and people start dropping off Volatile Gas Vents on top of him (or tanks move him on top of a Vent), and then a random melee player gets Ember Cloud.

Hope this helps you all kill Amon T’Drok a little faster – spread the word around whilst you’re fighting him too! There’s bound to be players who have received Ember Cloud stand around doing nothing – or worse, running away.


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