PTS: 3.0 Soul Testing for Low-Levels

3.0 Soul Testing for under Level 50 players is now available on the Public Test Shard

Mr. SL Raid 1 (who provides you with the Soul Test Pack) can now also be found in Tempest Bay (not just Master Mode Dummy Foundry) at (13009, 11606).

This means that low-levels (as low as Level 1) can test the soul packs for low level instances, questing/etc.

How to Get The Soul Pack at Level 1

The following are instructions to obtaining the 3.0 (Patch 2.7) Soul Pack on the Public Test Shard for testing purposes as early as Level 1:

Step 1: Get the Public Test Shard

You can find information on the Public Test Shard here.

If you aren’t interested in testing the new souls for under-50s content and would instead like to test the souls at Level 50 or Level 60, there’s a Guide: Accessing the PTS + Dummy Foundry.

Step 2: Speak to Fluffy to port to your Home City


When you create your new character, speak to the Fluffy NPC at the starting location to teleport to your faction’s home city.

Note: You may choose to skip this step and instead level up a bit prior to making it to your home city – this will make fighting mobs in the open world a lot easier when you aren’t just Level 1. If you have the Tempest Insignia (Tempest Bay Teleport Item) in your Rift Store rewards – you can use that instead to teleport to Tempest Bay at any time.

Step 3: Speak to your Home City’s Porticulum

Make sure to speak to your home city’s Porticulum Master so that you save that location. This will make it easier to port back to your home city so you can do level-appropriate content once you are finished purchasing the soul pack.

Step 4: Click on the Bear Trap


There’s a Bear Trap called “Dummy Foundry Teleport” close to Sanctum, Meridian and Tempest Bay’s Porticulum. Click on it to enter the Dummy Foundry.

  • Sanctum – The trap is right in front of the porticulum.
  • Meridian – The trap is in the middle of the courtyard near the porticulum.
  • Tempest Bay – The trap is behind the porticulum.

Step 5: Speak to Fluffy 2

You can speak to Fluffy 2 in the instance to obtain a variety of Level 50 and under gear and items. If you’re looking to do low-level testing, perhaps simply obtaining the mount, platinum and bags would be enough.

One important thing is to get the plat pack by speaking to Fluffy 2 to pick up a quest that gives 400p and then complete the quest by speaking to Fluffy 2 again. You only need 1 silver to buy the Test Pack – but you may want the extra plat anyway for later (port costs/etc).

Step 6: Port to Tempest Bay


You exit the Dummy Foundry (Standard/Expert) via the bear traps in the top-right area of the middle region of the instance as shown above.

  • Blue Trap = Sanctum
  • Yellow Trap = Tempest Bay
  • Red Trap = Meridian

Choose the Yellow Trap to get to Tempest Bay.

Step 7: Speak to Mr. SL Raid 1 in Tempest Bay


Speak to Mr. SL Raid 1 in Tempest Bay. He is behind the Porticulum in the main courtyard.

Mr SL Raid 1 TB Location

Interact with Mr. SL raid 1 and purchase the “TEST 2.7 Soul Box” for access to the 3.0 Souls (coming in Patch 2.7).

2.7 Soul Pack

This will appear in your inventory. Open it and click on the soul (if you don’t have auto-loot) to add it to your character. All you have to do then is change one of your default souls to the new souls, return to your home city and you’re ready to test!

Testing Suggestions

Here’s some suggestions for testing the new souls for low-level characters:

  • Test pre-50 Normal and Expert Dungeons.
  • Test pre-50 STing mobs of varying levels; and AoEing mobs of varying levels.
  • Use a variety of souls – Test 61pt of the new souls as well as hybrids, or using them as off-souls.
  • Test PvP (if you can find enough numbers to trigger a warfront instance).
  • Come up with new presets using the new souls.

3.0 (2.7) Soul Feedback

Please post feedback on the souls in the official threads.

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